I went from Utsunomiya to Nikko by bicycle and climbed Iroha slope

It was a round-trip at rental cycle. Speaking of Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, Tokugawa Ieyasu is a cultural asset such as Toshogu Shrine, Ring Owazaki Shrine and Futariyama Shrine, which is one of the three major waterfalls in Japan, such as Kegon Falls, Lake Chuzenji, Mt. One of the best tourist destinations. In addition, if you are a bicycle fan, you may also be interested in Iroha Saka.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. I am working at a factory in Tokyo after the trip but I went to Nikko with a holiday in Golden week. After a long absence, I did things that seemed to be Chariderman.

◆ Plan
In 2002, when the FIFA World Cup co - sponsored by Japan and South Korea was held, I was cycling around Japan on a bicycle. At that time, I went up the Iroha slope by bicycle. Staying at a youth hostel in Nikko city and returning to and from Iroha Saka with empty load, we also climbed Mt. We also visited Toshogu. Speaking of Tochigi prefecture was sunlight. Therefore, it became the destination of Golden Week this year.

The three monkeys in 2002.


As it is good to go to Nikko, what will you do with the contents of the trip? Although it was good that we could have ordered by train or bus by bus normally, I was tempted by the temptation "I raise Iroha slope again by bicycle". But, in Tokyo, I do not have my own bicycle. I am living quietly walking around here. However, even if there is a bicycle at hand, Utsunomiya is too far.

If so, there is only a rental cycle. Thinking that way, I found that the cycle shop in Nikko city is doing a rental cycle. It seemed that I could borrow a solid bicycle, but it is essential that advance booking is essential. As the schedule of the day was likely to change depending on the previous day, rental cycle that can be used without reservation was ideal. So I was looking for more and found it in Utsunomiya's "Miya Cycle Station".

Facilities for bicycle users Miya Cycle Station

Nikko, Irohazaka, but there was a distance, but it seemed to be awkward, so decided here for now.

◆ Rent
May 1, 2018 (Tue), arrived at the Miyaki Station at 7 o'clock in the morning. It was next to JR Utsunomiya station 's west entrance, municipal parking lot. It started from 7 o'clock but customers have already come to the store and have borrowed a road bike. I was worried because I did not have a reservation, but I was able to borrow cross bikes. On the calendar this weekday, there were also people who worked regularly, and the road bike was full with the reservation, but it was ok to rent on the day. The first one needs to make a certificate of registration, so do not forget your public identity card.

JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit.

As I was worried, "I want to go up to Nikko, if possible Iroha Saka, is it OK?" I tried to check with the store person. "I have experienced cycling throughout the country for the time being," also appeal that it is not a completely amateur. Then, "There are some people who go to Irohazaka although they are glaring, please do not overdo it, do not push yourself." It seems that there were people who went to Oarai in the past.

...... That's why someone who copies easily do not come out so write it ahead, but this time Irohazaka attack is not recommended for those who do not have much cycling experience. I used a tire that is hard to puncture, but if I stepped on a nail, I had to puncture repair one out. Also, it is useless unless you can adjust the brake surroundings. It will die on downhill when the brake does not work. However, I do not have any tools or spare parts, which I write greatly, and although it was a result I was reluctant.

The bicycle is rented for 1 day at 1020 yen. We also recommend borrowing a helmet for safety. The bicycle must be returned within 7:00 am - 8:00 pm business hours. I was able to borrow a locker, so I put unnecessary luggage.

At the Miyagi Cycle Station.

◆ To the sunlight now
Since I have not been riding at all since I came to Tokyo on a migrant basis, it was my first bicycle for about 8 months. Turn the pedal and move on the road as if it was on the wind. I remembered the comfortable bicycle speed, when I was traveling. It is because he was wearing a 700 × 25 C tire which is also used for road biking, which is driving strongly with Gui Gui. It is fascinated by the running power of a tire with a larger diameter and a narrower width than the one I used in the past trip.

Utilizing Route 119 to Nikko. Suginami trees developed as a Nikko Highway in the Edo period remain everywhere. Road that penetrates between cedar trees that becomes shady even during the day is mysterious.

Memorize in 'Hamaru, Piti, Porori'.

I found "Prince Ebina". I cautiously stopped this bicycle. It seems to be the place name "Ebi".

Unexpected discovery unexpected. This unexpected encounter is the real thrill of a bicycle trip.

And, quickly rushed into Nikko city.

"There was a city called Imaichi City (Ichimachi) in the meantime", but it was merging and it became Nikko city. The city name was given to Nikko, but the City Hall is located in the old Imaichi city. The distance display of the sign "Nikko city" was also referring to the old Imaichi city. This is because the population of the former Imaichi city was about four times that of the former Nikko city at the time of the 2006 merger. The area of ​​(new) Nikko city which was born by the merger of Imaichi City, (old) Nikko city, Ashio Town, Fujiwara Town, Kuriyama village, is the third largest nationwide after Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture .

I bought food at the supermarket in the old Imaichi city. Coca-Cola is a charidal energy source.

It is a mysterious Christ signboard that I often watched around Japan. "Please reconcile with the cat" on the netBeing messed withIt is a signboard of the series.

JR, the area with Nikko station of Tobu is the Nikko city before the merger. Up to this point there is a minute ups and downs, but I was able to run smoothly. The altitude of Utsunomiya is about 100 m,Altitude of Tobu Nikko StationBecause it is 543 m, it is already over 400 m.

From Nikko station it was a tough uphill slope. Still, there is a building around the city, so "Uh hiyohiga, now is going up a slope," a fun running with a real feeling. But, after passing through Toshogu and walking through the city, I had little time to spare. Lake Chuzenji is a road along the Otani (Daiya) river of the water source, going up a slope like salmon that goes up, but there is not much change in the scenery. It is a plain section, but it surely goes up and you should endure it.

There is such an information sign between Nikko station and Toshogu Shrine. I was up while checking the altitude of my current location.

Fashionable Lawson near Tosho-gu Shrine.

We also took a break here.

Iroha - zaka starts from a place called Horseback (Echo) at an altitude of 838 m. Since there were 48 hairpin curves in the former way, it is called "Iroha no hto ~"IrohaIt became the name Iroha Saka named after. Improvements are added now, and two roads pass through both up and down. Both are one way. On the second Iroha slope of the uphill there are 20 curves from "i" to "ne", 28 curves from "na" to "n" on the descendent first Iroha slope, total of 48 curves remain unchanged from the past. Apart from the Otani River who came back, it rushes up the mountain side toward the pass (highest place).

The charm of Irohazaka cycling isMeanderingThe road where the zigzag was accumulated. I will do the hairpin curve one by one so as to climb the stairs. Be careful as the inner circle of the hairpin curve becomes small and the gradient turns into a demon. The tension goes up because the altitude difference is clearly understood. It is my favorite road. But this time it was no use. I used the lightest gear of 21 gear shift from the front of Iroha Saka. I am walking on commuters and I am supposed to be using my legs at the factory, but the muscles used on my bicycle seem to be different, so I can not go up a slope at all. The distance display on the side of the road carved 0.1 km at a time is far away. I went through a little while wearing my legs on the ground many times.

With horseback.

With such a feeling, signs of such hiragana and number are standing in each curve.

Altitude 1173 m, Observatory with black hair.

A bustling road where such hairpin curves are linked in several layers.

When I reach Akihira, where the altitude is about 1270 meters, Irohazaka in the uphill is almost caught. There was a ropeway here. From the above observatory, we can see the lake Chuzenji Lake and Kegon Falls and I have been sightseeing for a while. When I got off the bicycle I was amazed that both feet were heavy like pulp and lead.

Ropeway station.

It should have come up from roughly this way.

Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls. The fantastic world was spreading.

It looks like an artificial dam. Lake Chuzenji is likely to be empty if it is always drained, but it seems that the amount of water in Kegon Waterfall is artificially managed so that it does not become so.

Mt. Mt. Mountain with Mountain Foothills like Mount Fuji. It is one of Japan's most famous mountains.

It's a memorial photo because it's noisy.

The gondola of the ropeway where the season came.

Ropeway and parking lot.

As soon as I left Akihira, I went through a tunnel and reached Lake Chuzenji. There is little up / down after Akechi Ping.

The torii at the entrance of Chuzenji Lake, this time Irohazaka attack is completed.

Lake Chuzenji is the lake located in the highest place in Japan.

"I came from Utsunomiya by Chari"

After exploring the entrance to Chuzenji Lake, we went back to our way home. The downhill Iroha slope was safe first and kept speed down. Regardless of how you do your best, the bicycle does not enemy the car, irrespective of the consciousness of the traffic manners of the driver, if you hit it, you injured. I grasped the brake lever gently and slowly descended the hairpin curve.

The altitude drops at once from the altitude of Lake Chuzenji temple 1269 m to Utsunomiya about 100 m on the way back. Returned to Ji Utsunomiya station's temple cycle station in 3 hours.

◆ Bicycle introduction
This time I borrowed a bicycle called "Alflex Cross" by Miyata. Entry model of cross bike, the price of 45,524 yen (tax not included). Although the part composition is not attached with good parts only for the price only for the price, that does not mean that it is not a no-brand, and Shimano's low-cost component was used. Is not it a bicycle that plays the role of a cross bike at the very least.

ALFREX CROSS, birth - MIYATA bicycle

Maintenance is also solid, if you switch the lever with Kachakacha on the uphill slope, the gear changes smoothly. While I was making adjustments during the trip, I always had a hard time, so I was impressed by the well-maintained bicycle and was turning the pedals. The effectiveness of the brake is not too hard, it is not too loose. Tires and tubes were not genuine, they were replaced by those of another manufacturer. It was almost a complainable bicycle, but I failed because my saddle position was not right for me. I should have adjusted it at first.

A frame with brilliant red that stands out.

Drive train.

Crank of the manufacturer named SR SUNTOUR.

Tranny of Shimano (Tourney) TX.

Brake + integrated shift lever. It was a 21 speed shift of 3 front × 7 rear.

700 x 25 C, size tire. I was wearing a brand tire called Schwarbe, a favorite of overseas cyclist.

The tube is a French valve.

It was a bicycle with a stand. After all it is convenient.

Other cross bikes and road bikes can be rented at the Miyagi Cycle Station, so please check the official website for those concerned.

After all, the sunlight of this time ended with "Iroha zaka attack". Do not go to Toshogu who is told that the monkey 's face has changed by restoration. Utsunomiya was also a place to worry but I could not visit. I also do not eat dumplings. I have to go there again ....

Although it was a considerable eyepatch street charader, the Iroha Saka attack was still exceptional. After finishing the trip, I had no chance to run easily, but the bike trip is still the best. I also want to run and find somewhere.

◆ Notice from Chariderman
It is another announcement of the event. On Saturday, May 26, 2018, we will perform a talk live at INFO SHOP big city Mojiki in Kita Kyushu city. Rates are by campaign and 1 drink, it is from 16 o'clock to 18 o'clock. If you have time, please visit.

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