31 examples that may be helpful for creating a profitable online business idea

It is not easy to set up a service that can be supported by users and generate revenue. Collect success examples of startupIndie HackersIs summarizing the episodes of 31 entrepreneurs who succeeded in getting the business on track.

How to Come Up with Profitable Online Business Ideas

◆ 01: "Anonymous phone number that you can buy at Bitcoin" (Monthly earnings: 600 dollars / approximately 67,000 yen)
"In the fall of 2016, I was interested in online anonymity," said James Stanley who launched SMS Privacy. When I was trying to sign up for Gmail, when I needed to enter a phone number, I thought of a service that could get a phone number anonymously. As feedback from TOR (Toa) users was very positive, I got to serve the service.

Anonymous Bitcoin phone numbers - SMS Privacy

◆ 02: "Software for customer feedback" (Monthly earnings: $ 1,400 / about 150,000 yen)
Philippe Genois, who likes software, loves making things, loves to help people, alwaysSaaSHe said he was interested in setting up a company. In January 2017, I came up with the idea of ​​InputKit by conducting the process "Idea Extraction" for finding out the target market and finding out what kind of problem I wanted to solve. In that process, as a result of asking about the problem of having some business owners meeting and what to do in order to solve it, as a result of follow-up of after-sales that sold the product It seems that it reached the reality that it is. After that, we created a simple prototype using the weekend and proceeded with the verification of the product by pre-selling it to the business owner.

Customer Feedback Software - InputKit

◆ 03: "Domain name back order" (monthly revenue: $ 125,000 / about 13.9 million yen)
Basically, the domain name of the net is "first come first served". Mike Carson's Park.io is able to put a reservation in advance in the back order (backordered) in case the expiration date is near and it is absolutely necessary to use that domain by all means.

Park.io - ccTLD domain name backorders and auctions

◆ 04: "Unlimited usable premium design service" (Monthly earnings: $ 34,000 / about 3.8 million yen)
When using a co-working space, Robin Vander Heyden had many notes such as "I am looking for a freelance designer" and "I'm looking for a UX designer" on the board, and I had a hard time hiring a graphic designer I found many people there. Although he himself was able to place an order to the designer at any time through Skype, I saw this need as an opportunity and launched a design agency service with no maximum number of requests by the monthly system.

ManyPixels - Unlimited design from $ 259 / month.

◆ 05: "Content quality control" (Monthly earnings: $ 16,000 / about 1.8 million yen)
David Child, who had published a mini-tool program that could determine about the fun and readability of the contents of the text, said that when it was published on his website, the traffic to the page increased considerably Thing. Child who caught the need is there, added a premium plan to the tool and made it public. However, at that time, it seems that we proceeded to set the price while watching the reaction of the user like "Please pay the money if you like".

Readability and keyword density analysis - readable.io

◆ 06: "Tools for onboarding users to new services" (monthly revenue: $ 600 / about 67,000 yen)
Even if we announce a new service, if users do not know how to use it well, we can not say that we can provide enough services. To tell the user how to use and appeal and to become accustomed is called "onboarding", and it is established as a single important field by itself. It is onboardX launched by Mr. Ciprian Dragoi to provide a tool for good onboarding.

onboardX (@ OnboardX) | Twitter

◆ 07: "in-app feedback tool" (Monthly earnings: $ 3600 / about 400,000 yen)
In 2013, Mr. manavo of the developer started development of "Doorbell" as a tool of the project management software "Sprinter" involved at the time. At first we used Zendesk to gather feedback from users, but when it was time to renew their subscriptions I noticed that only one message arrived. Doorbell allows you to gather feedback from users' applications and receive them directly by e-mail.

Doorbell.io - In-app user feedback widget, on web, iOS, and Android

◆ 08: "WordPress Kanban" (monthly revenue: $ 350 / about 40,000 yen)
"Kanban" is set to the site created by WordPress, and product management andCRM, Sales tracking and so on. In the autumn of 2015, Corey Maass noticed that there is no "Kanban" plug-in in WordPress repository and started to develop opportunities.

Kanban for WordPress - Add Kanban boards to your WordPress sites for get organized! Great for project management, CRM, sales tracking, editorial calendar and more.

◆ 09: 'Extremely convenient weather application' (Monthly earnings: 600 dollars / approximately 67,000 yen)
Jonas Downey and her friends notice that the weather applications in line with countless numbers in the App Store do not have a decent UI. "Hello Weather" started development to solve the problem.

Hello Weather

◆ 10: "Free virtual currency transaction simulation" (Monthly earnings: $ 1,800 / about 200,000 yen)
Tommy who saw that the volatility (price liquidity) is high in the virtual currency market felt that there were many people who did not make reasonable decisions and proper investigation when trading the virtual currency . Because I was inspired by the story of another person and thought that I could do it, I entered, but because there were many people who suffered from painful losses. Tommy felt strongly that this was not an appropriate approach to investment Tommy taught users various virtual currencies and basic market principles by launching Altcoin Fantasy and at the same time to enjoy simulation with a game feeling I was able to do it.

Altcoin Fantasy - Free Crypto Trading Simulator / Fantasy Game - Win Bitcoin!

◆ 11: "Invoice receipt / registration service" (Monthly earnings: 1000 dollars / approximately 100,000 yen)
"Here in Mexico it is necessary to obtain an XML file from your vendor to deduct the invoice from accounting," said Rafael Soto who launched Box Factura. Normally, I felt the inconvenience of having to receive the XML file by e-mail, print it and then scan it again and digitize it as "crazy". In order to solve this problem, we launched a service that accepts, analyzes and stores the invoice XML file in a ZIP containing Excel files.

Dedica más tiempo a hacer crecer tu negocio, no a administrarlo • Box Factura

◆ 12: "Programming learning online tool for developers" (monthly revenue: 270,000 dollars / about 30 million yen)
"Software developers are of the same type as myself," Joel Hooks initially started a business targeting people who are not related to their own world, but that was a failure. From that reflection, Mr. Hooks decided to develop products for developers. The world of the developer is also familiar to Mr. Hooks and it is said that it was one of the reasons that he gained a certain degree of trust in the world.

It is a fact that computer programming is difficult. On the other hand, programming skills are also useful for shaping a career. The question is "How do you help people get into the world?" Mr. Hooks is an open source web application platform with John who co-found egghead.io laterAngularJSCreate a lecture movie and release it with a "donation button". Then they call for an echo, it seems that it evolved into a business of egghead.io.

Short, instructional screencast video tutorials for web developers on @ eggheadio

◆ 13: "Tools to support routine daily habits" (Monthly earnings: $ 450 / about 50,000 yen)
Mr. Joan Boixados said that there was a habit of always writing what to do on that day or that week in the To Do list in Notepad, he actually felt it difficult to keep motivating for him to do it pattern. So I came up with a way to manage my daily schedule and ToDo list separately and I heard that I actually created mockups with software. What was born in this way is everydayCheck of a "customs tracking application" that can record whether or not you can do what you do as a daily habit.

everydayCheck | Habit tracker to help you form good habits

◆ 14: "Online Business Proposal Software" (monthly revenue: $ 400 / about 40,000 yen)
Proposeful begins in 2013, when thiagoko and persons and friends founded a small web development agency. Projects and financial management tools for grasping invoices, projects and tasks are built, and in 2015, as software was prepared, it was launched as a SaaS product.

After the start of the service, it was decided to have multiple customers and be invited to the business acceleration program of the city where the base is located. This program has a great emphasis on verifying the market, and as part of that program, he was able to interview about 80 people including freelancers, agency owners, consultants and other service providers. Thiagoko said that they found problems with maintaining stable sales and rapid completion of transactions among them, that thiagoko should provide tools to satisfy that need We thought that we could save the business with 90% of the tools we already provided and rebuild it as a "proposal creation tool" to reborn.

Beautiful, intelligent business proposals | Proposeful

◆ 15: "Channel tool to extend Slack" (monthly revenue: $ 380 / about 40,000 yen)
Mr. matthieu, who has been interested in the broad concept of "new platform" from SMS and newsletter-centric applications to messages and voice-based interfaces, said he was interested in developing applications that are not Android or iOS platform Thing. For example, that a chat backend environment was developed for entrepreneurs who want to launch an SMS-based business, for example. Team communication tool "SlackSmooz was born as a tool to expand the function of "Smooz".

Smooz | one-click Slack-to-Slack channel

◆ 16: "Chrome Extension for Gmail" (monthly revenue: $ 1200 / about 130,000 yen)
Preach to grasp computer as extension of human "heart"Extended MindMr. Peter Hartree told theory at the time of university students is a framework to think about technologies and tools indicated by keywords that were "Productivity Improvement" and "Lifehack" "Metaskkl"Extended mind designHe said that he came to think about.

One day, Mr. Hartree who was programming needed to ask the client. When I opened Gmail to send mail, I was distracted by other topics and I was able to ask "ask a client" that was the original purpose since 30 minutes has elapsed . Mr. Hartree thought, "If my inbox was not visible, my attention would not have been distracted," Mr. Hartree created a Chrome extension to implement that feature the next day.

Inbox When Ready - Protect your focus

◆ 17: "Custom-made jewelry only for yourself by 3D print" (Monthly earnings: $ 15,000 / about 1.7 million yen)
Mr. Vivek Krishna who grew up in the city of southern India Coimbatore who is full of entrepreneurs' mind. This town is also very famous for jewelry manufacturing and has launched a business related to jewelry by using the interests of the earth. However, it is not easy to show off his head in this city with many rivals, and when I was looking for ideas, I saw the commemorative gold coins and silver coins issued when Indian famous cricketers retired, saying "This is a famous person I think that it is good to make it not only by the general public but also "thinking," I thought of a business to make jewelry such as coins using 3D printers.

Custom Platinum Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings, Platinum Rings & Gold Couple Rings

◆ 18: "Music posting platform" (Monthly earnings: $ 55,000 / about 6.1 million yen)
When Jason Grishkoff, who used to do band activities in the past, launched a music blog "Indie Shuffle" as a hobby, he became infatuated with "games" that generate more accesses, I decided to learn with. In 2013, the blog became a full-fledged online publishing company, and it reached the stage to make it a full-fledged work.

However, the most troublesome work in the operation was a mail for sale that reached more than 300 items every day from artists, record companies, public relations officials, etc. Ultimately, Mr. Grishkoff who reached the conclusion that "Ignore all", but on the other hand think that there should be a way to make this situation better. To solve that problem, it was launched at the end of 2017, a posting platform "SubmitHub" that famous bloggers and record companies actually listen to and judge when artists post music.

Submit your music | SubmitHub

◆ 19: "Interview platform for programmers" (Monthly earnings: $ 170,000 / about 19 million yen)
CoderPad started as a side project while Mr. vwoo of the developer is still working at Everlane. Mr. vwoo said that he was in charge of interviewing a lot of hiring applicants, said Mr. vwoo said that the contents entered at the time of Ruby's development test did not have the function to be reflected in real time next to the editor about. Mr. vwoo who thought that it was so ridiculous tried to purchase a product with the function that he wanted, but in fact it does not exist that such thing does not exist. So, Mr. vwoo has developed an application that realizes the function he wants.

After completing, when I started using the candidate at Everlane, I thought that "I can sell as a product" as much goodness as possible. I handed prototypes to other people, saw the reaction, I made improvements and released the product.


◆ 20: "Providing web marketing solutions for real estate companies" (monthly revenue: $ 100,000 / about 11 million yen)
Mr. Kosta Panagoulia was thinking about collecting on "Friday night" every Friday evening with Mr. Raza of a friend when he was in the second grade. "First Internet venture" by Mr. Panagoulia that he had talked seriously about "How can I collect 1 million dollars from 1 million people?"The Million Dollar HomepageIt is said that. This site sells 1,000 × 1000 = 1 million pixel "land" at 1 dollar / about 110 yen per pixel), literally "Million Dollar (about 100 million yen)" by selling all the sections You can get it. This site, made by a young British, bought all the pixels in less than a year from its opening, bringing enormous benefits to young people.

The intention of Panagoulia who got this sentence is unknown as to what effect this has on the business of Web4Realty, but there is something in common with "real estate".

Web4Realty | Real Estate Websites | Real Estate CRM | IDX Solution

◆ 21: "Spanish Bible iOS app" (monthly revenue: $ 10,000 / about 1.1 million yen)
"I found an idea in a fairly simple way," Trevor McKendrick said. "I think many of the entrepreneurs are concentrating too much on making something new.The new one has to be confirmed its effectiveness, instead it already exists and is going well It is good to see the industry.The market for the Bible exists for hundreds of years and the Christianity itself has existed for a long time over 2000. There is demand already here. " I developed an application that provides "Spanish Bible".


◆ 22: "Mind Map Application for Writers" (Monthly earnings: 1000 dollars / approximately 110,000 yen)
Mr. Guan, who was developing a "selling product" as a freelance developer, did not make others' products after several years of experience, but started to make his own products. As a result of the research, it is decided to make products in the category of "productivity improvement" that many applications are sold at a price of 20 dollars to 200 dollars (about 2200 yen to 22 thousands yen).

After that, Mr. Guan who narrowed down the target to the "mind map application" and "writing application", but intends to take the method of "to compete with cheap" for the latecomers who will enter the market where many products already exist There was no. In such a case I saw W. Chan · Kim et alBlue Ocean strategyIt seems that it was.

In the mature market, a lot of products create intense competition "Red Ocean". Mr. Guan touched this theory, "In that case, I think that it is only necessary to create a blue ocean by yourself", I decided to open up a new market that I can take advantage of my own ideas. So when I looked around, Guan decided to develop a completely new "mindmap application for writers" that I found that there are products called "mind map" and "writing tool" for me.

WriteMapper - Get from idea to final draft in no time using mind maps on your computer.

◆ 23: "Widget that displays" Recently sold items "on the online shop page (Monthly earnings: $ 2,500 / about 280,000 yen)
Dallin Koski, who was looking for a new side project, said he got a hint when he visited Hotels.com. On the site, the number of bookings entered by the hotel you are viewing on the same day is displayed so that you can implement a mechanism to encourage viewers to make appointments as soon as possible.

Mr. Koski who took a look at this further researches, the Internet shop platformShopify, Found out that there is already a company "Notify (former Fomo)" that offers similar widgets. However, Mr. Koski judged that it can compete sufficiently, reddit consulted the strategy with the application developer and carried out hearings. Then, since positive feedback was received from developers, Mr. Koski started developing Credible.


◆ 24: "Indie Mobile Game" (Monthly earnings: $ 7,500 / about 830,000 yen)
Amirrajan, who was burdened with involvement in software development at the company, decided to take a one-year long vacation to do another work he would like to do. Mr. Amirrajan, who was fortunate enough to have the money he needed because he had saved a thrifty life until thenA Dark RoomI decided to port the browser game to iOS.

Mr. Amirrajan, who obtained permission from the developer Michael Townsend for the transplant, will release the A Dark Room for iOS in 4 months. Although it was said that the low-altitude flight continued at the beginning of the disclosure, as a result of continuing steady marketing, in April 2014 I won the 1st place on the App Store on sale.

A Dark Room on the App Store

◆ 25: "Cloud storage to keep logs of applications" (Monthly revenue: $ 12,000 / about 1.330 million yen)
Stefan Klumpp, who works as a mobile application engineer, faced the problem of being unable to reproduce the problems of specific users in my environment. This is due to the screen size, OS version, or specific settings of the other terminal. So Klumpp developed an internal tool for remote access to the log, patched it to a special build, and sent it to the user with the problem.

Although initially seemed to work, Klumpp, who faced the problem of storage and communication bandwidth by receiving many log files from a large number of users, saved the log locally on the side SDK of the application We have avoided this problem by implementing a mechanism to transfer only when requested.

Bugfender | Cloud Storage for Your App Logs

◆ 26: "eBay product page creation tool that can create pages like professional" (Monthly earnings: $ 150,000 / about 17 million yen)
Before starting CrazyLister with co - founder and CEO Victor, Maxim Godin sold on eBay. Despite being a beginner, Godin and others have achieved sales of 4.5 million dollars / 500 million yen within three years from the start). The secret of its success is that it got a very high conversion rate by introducing professional design.

When you acquire eBay's award twice by the high conversion rate, many requests were received from companies wanting to know about that method. Mr. Godin regarded this as an opportunity for expanding the business and started consulting for the company that requested it. However, after that, Godin and others who judged that this business is not the way that they want to advance is not a consulting company that can not feel growth, but rather a business that provides profit by providing as many know-how as possible to as many sellers as possible It turns into.

One of the biggest problems for eBay's seller is that the design of the product page is bad. In addition, eBay himself did not provide a solution to it, and the shop owner wanting to show his page cleanly had to hire a professional designer and a person familiar with HTML independently, paying high galleries. A summary of knowledge on conversion optimization of eBay sales in one easy-to-use solution, this is how CrazyLister was born.

CrazyLister: Amazingly Simple eBay Listing Software

◆ 27: "Online coding / boot camp" (monthly revenue: $ 5000 / about 550,000 yen)
Harry Chen, who once stood at a private school 'General Assembly' in Hong Kong, found that in the field of rapidly growing technology there is a shortage of skilled personnel in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Together with Xiao, Mr. Chen borrowed a classroom and launched a "coding boot camp" to teach programming. However, immediately, the two who faced the problem of "height of rent" and "subject to place restrictions" cease to borrow classrooms and turn to online coding / boot camp which can be taken from anywhere did.

Online Coding Bootcamp - Learn Anywhere - Altcademy

◆ 28: "Game server hosting service" (Monthly earnings: 200 thousand dollars / approximately 22 million yen)
Meekro that Mr. Meekro was interested in the business idea named "○ ○ hosting" also noted that he was also paying attention to the fact that this field is a business that can make a big profit. A web hosting company whose business model "downloads and sets up Apache for free and runs on commoditized hardware" targets billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of yen) in size. Conversely, hosting game server is a small scale industry. Its market size is about 50 million dollars / about 5 billion yen), but because of its niche, major players do not enter, which can be a business opportunity.

Meekro who has been developing web applications since junior high school days creates a method to collect servers in a rack with a lower unit price than the market, a way to manage those servers, and a web application that the customer uses to control the game It is said that it can put together methods in a perfect combination.

ArkServers.io: Ark: Survival Evolved server hosting and rental

◆ 29: "The world's first" automatic face replacement "application (Monthly earnings: $ 18,000 / about 2 million yen)
I Think And Do, launched by Jonathan Plackett, released the world's first automatic face-changing application "Face Juggler" in 2011. About a year ago when we launched Face Juggler, Mr. Plackett wrote the goal of "making a website visited by 1 million people" in his diary. Mr. Plackett saw the new face detection technology Apple had loaded on iOS 5, thought that the function could be used for an interesting thing, and developed an application to change the face of the photo.

In order to verify the idea, Mr. Plackett got a favorable reception when showing an initial version to a woman who later becomes a wife and a few friends at the time girlfriend. When something you and friends can enjoy, it is possible that other people will enjoy it.

Face Juggler PLUS on the App Store

◆ 30: "Tech Community Traveling with Remote Work" (monthly revenue: $ 35,000 / about 4 million yen)
Casey Rosengren with experience of failing to start a business in college days thought that he wanted to set up a startup to do a work that seems to be truly fun while traveling for a long time. In order to realize that, when preparing several works of web development to engage in freelance, we asked the hotel in Central America that "We would like to offer rooms and meals instead of helping web related and marketing" I sent e-mails randomly. Then, there was a reply from the hotel in Costa Rica, and I got the desired environment on conditions that promote the off-season yoga training program.

However, immediately after starting the project, the yoga instructor who stolen the notebook PC will return to England in his home country. Naturally, Mr. Rosengren's work has gone. However, Rosengren, who had no intention of leaving Costa Rica, proposed a program to gather developers, call them to Costa Rica and implement "programming training" at the hotel. As customers are more distant and constant demand can be expected in the off season, the hotel accepted Mr. Rosengren's proposal, and the business of "Hacker Paradise" started here.

World's First International Remote Work & Travel Community

◆ 31: "AI logo maker" (Monthly earnings: $ 70,000 / about 8 million yen)
Dawson Whitfield, who launched Logojoy, thought of a business idea when he was creating logos ordered from clients. Whitfield who has made more than 150 logos in 12 years of designer's career, "To make thirty kinds of samples each time" "It is necessary to spend several weeks to do things thoroughly" And despite being built in various things, we have been dissatisfied with the unreasonableness experienced by designers that the design is chosen to be very simple at the end.

In such a case I came up with an automatic logo generation using AI, and Mr. Whitfield, who knew that there were no other competing companies, said that he began to shape the business soon.

The # 1 Free Logo Maker - Get Custom Logo Designs in 3 Minutes

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