What is the strategy that many innovative companies have won the success?


In the present age, various start-up companies are aiming for success, devising a new strategy one after another and striving to approach customers and collect funds. Many companies fail and go bankrupt, but some companies have made great success, and "Innovative corporate growth strategy" that gathers strategies of such successful companies is open to the public I will.

51 Examples of Growth Hacking Strategies & Techniques From The World's Most Innovative Businesses

◆ 1. "Spread products offline"
ShazamAn application that answers correct song name by recognizing songs. Shazam needs to know the song that is flowing at a club or party venue, so it is necessary to bring the smartphone with the application installed close to the speaker and recognize the song without noise as much as possible. Looking at the figure of such a person, another person speaks with an interest to "What are you doing?", The product name "Shazam" spreads in the style of "This is an application called Shazam ..." It is going to go.

◆ 2. "AdvocacyWe encourage you. "
Uber of the dispatch service was only a small car rental company that combined demand and supply. However, Uber recognized that he himself is playing a role in solving the problems of the local transportation system, succeeded in publicly advertising Uber, implementing free service in areas where high-tech companies gather.

◆ 3. "Work directly with users"
Netflix, a major video streaming service, initially started the DVD rental business. Netflix approaches directly to potential customers on the bulletin board on which DVD transactions are done and approaches when renting a hard-to-obtain DVD to early admission people, succeeded in acquiring a large number of users without paying large advertising expenses It is.

◆ 4. "Contribute as a guest contributor to a prominent blog"
Many companies advertise their products through their own blogs, but if you make a contribution that advertises your products in places that many people see, there is a possibility that a large number of users will know about the product. Valid buffer application for SNS usersBufferThe founder seems to have expanded the number of users starting from the contribution to a third-party blog.

◆ 5. "Use inbound"
Business toolHubspotHas released useful information to its blogs and provides it to people, and also released free site evaluation tools, many users have come to visit their site.

◆ 6. "Provide good service one after another"
Of coupon siteGrouponHe said that by tweeting Groupon or buying a friend 's ticket, he then offered a service that will be worth the customer next. As a result, Groupon seems to have achieved growth of 228% in one year.

◆ 7. "Mischief and raise your profile"
On-line casino sitePaddy PowerHas done a lot of postings on SNS and succeeded in raising awareness by doing a mischief which makes me think that "in the Amazon rainforest carved as 'C'Mon England'" during the Brazilian World Cup.

byCarolina Cieri

◆ 8. "Get people involved offline"
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) in order to support the research ofIce · bucket · challengeBegan in August 2014 and succeeded in raising more than 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen) of funds. Participating in the ice bucket challenge became a kind of epidemic and this challenge that many celebrities posted a challenging situation on SNS spread also showed the power of SNS.

◆ 9. "Advertise everywhere using SNS"
The Body CoachPosted a recipe for living a healthy life in Instagram, advertised their own exercise promotion application after attracting people's attention. furtherSnapchatWe make use of to make a call to users, conduct TV appearances, sell books, etc. and advertise everywhere.

◆ 10. "Launch scarcity"
In 2004 when Gmail was born, there were few server spaces available, so only 1,000 selected users could use Gmail for the first time. However, it has planted a special consciousness that "It became a member of Gmail's club" by this, and it led to the advertisement of Gmail itself.

◆ 11. "Have them advertise when using the service"
In contrast to Gmail, Hotmail used surprisingly simple means. In the 1990s, mails sent from Hotmail included the word "PS I love You" with a link to Hotmail, and for some of the people who received mail from Hotmail users click on this link to see Hotmail I got to know the service of.

◆ 12. "Urge users to use strongly"
When Facebook sends a new applicationMessengerWe gradually remove features related to messages from Facebook so that we can use it. If you can exchange messages from Facebook, it's because people who have already installed Facebook applications no longer need to install Messenger, so Facebook strongly urged users to move to their growth strategy .

◆ 13. "Interest in quizzes"
Dating appsOK CupidIn order to obtain a lot of access, I tried quizzes on SNS and aimed at raising awareness by having them spread. Based on the character and profile of the user, I quizzed the content that seemed to be interesting, and he said that he has made a quiz.

◆ 14. "Enhance competition"
Early on YouTube, promotions were made to compete the number of trials of the submitted movies in a ranking format and give the products to the winners. This led users to post quality movies to earn more audition counts, which also helped improve the quality of YouTube as a whole.

byIbrahim Asad's PHotography

◆ 15. "Pay money to customers"
Settlement servicePaypalAlthough had a foresightable idea, he was struggling to develop customers. So, I took the strategy of giving customers cash to the user who set up the account for 10 dollars (about 1100 yen), and another 10 dollars if I introduce other users, when I made a strategy to give customers cash, It seems that it is about to achieve it.

◆ 16. "Appeal with free trial"
We are offering online store opening service to small and medium enterprisesShopifyImplemented a free trial of 14 days to appeal the effectiveness of the service, leading to the expansion of customers.

◆ 17. "Provide affiliate program"
WPEngineIs a company hosting and optimizing WordPress blogs but we are implementing a generous affiliate program that gives a huge amount of refund of $ 200 (about 22,000 yen) to existing users who have drawn new users . With this program, existing users will be making efforts to attract other users.

◆ 18. "Give customers a service"
Invision that performs functional simulation of web pages not only provides their own services to corporate clients but also grasps trust by providing trends and strategies such as design industry trends and acquires many customers He said that he succeeded.

◆ 19. "Appeal to a laugh"
It is a service to periodically send products such as shaving cream shaving creamOne Dollar Shave ClubPosted a comedy touch movie that founder appears on YouTube. The first movie gathered more than 19 million views and gained many customers.

◆ 20. "Have a humorous publicity"
Poo Pourri selling air fresheners for toilet with the same direction as One Dollar Shave Club promotes with a movie showing "Why do you need fragrances for toilet?"

◆ 21. "Enrich the content that users want"
It is an apparel related shopping siteShopstyle, It is possible to search products from information such as colors to match as well as brand and product name. By providing the content that the user wants, you can increase traffic.


◆ 22. "Have them spread by e-mail"
Dropbox has won over 100 million users in just five years, but e-mail was involved in that strategy. When you want to exchange files with Dropbox, you must be sure to prompt the other party to sign up for Dropbox by e-mail, it seems that we were able to acquire many users.

◆ 23. "Causing buzz on SNS"
BuzzfeedI use publicity by using SNS very well. In addition to investigating with BBC at its site and political efforts, we also offer entertainment including quizzes on SNS etc. We succeeded in raising awareness and access.

◆ 24. "SEOI will make full use of it. "
The hotel search site Tripadvisor said that it understands the importance of SEO and takes various hands so that it is displayed on the top of the search engine. If people searching for travel-related searches can see it, it will be possible to increase the number of accesses to the site.

◆ 25. "Cooperate with other companies"
TripadvisorAmerican ExpressWe are making partnership with you, so that users can book hotels via nature and Tripadvisor.

◆ 26. "Good qualityWidgetI will provide a"
SkyscannerOffers widgets that allow users to locate on a personal site or desktop and can search for travels. As a result of this, many users are seen Skyscanner brands day by day, and it is a big publicity.

◆ 27. "Make widget shareable"
Spotify of the music distribution service provides widgets that can share your favorite music, and not only individual users but also famous artists 'recommendations are now shared by Spotify' s widgets.

◆ 28. "Improve user experience"
Hotel TonightIs not a site for booking a hotel before traveling but is specialized to "find a hotel in a town just arrived". Hotel Tonight makes it very easy for mobile users to access and makes it easy for users to book hotels.


◆ 29. "Make it an interface with game feeling"
The dating application Tinder says that by using the operation method when looking for a partner like a game, we have achieved an average of eleven logins per user per day.

◆ 30. "Advertisement that remains in the ear"
British business card making companyMoonpigInitially it was increasing the number of users by using the online platform, but in the television commercial, we conducted music that aimed to remain in the user's ears, and carried out advertisement that remains in the user's ears.

◆ 31. "We will use strange creatures on CM"
Site comparison serviceComparethemarket.comAlso, like Moonpig, we are taking a policy of appealing to customers with TV commercials. CM has strange creatures to appear, making a distinctive worldview and working to remember the user's memory.

◆ 32. "Advertise before product release"
Of travel servicesSecret EscapesAlthough it is a service that provides a significantly discounted hotel room, it is said that they spent huge amounts of money on publicly announcing the service and advertised on TV.

◆ 33. "First to be used by companies"
Slack became a messaging application to be used all over the world, but it was difficult to be used by a company that was completed only by exchanging e-mails without thinking that such services are necessary in the first place. So, when we created a tool to facilitate communication within the team and used it in the form of trial, it seems that companies have come to recognize the convenience of Slack.

◆ 34. "Giving a user a profile on the web"
LinkedIn for business use is not a system that you can not see the profile of the other unless you get acquainted with users like Facebook. We always publish your profile on the web. LinkedIn has succeeded in pulling in this system with many users "I want to see the other's profile without access".

◆ 35. "Use content that is familiar"
Pokémon GODespite the fact that the explanation about the original game system has not been done, we achieved a large amount of download by the strength of the content "Pokemon". Popular content from the past can be an effective appealing material for startup.

byCarolina Cieri

◆ 36. "Rich online content"
Mail OnlineAlthough it is a globally popular online newspaper, it is said that the factor that won many customers is in rich online contents. It seems that you get a lot of clicks even if you reduce the cost of advertisement by rich content.

◆ 37. "Return OK"
Shoes specialized online siteZapposIn order to shake off the user's concern that "Shoes must go to the shop properly and not worry about it", we have succeeded in acquiring the user by constructing a mechanism that can be returned easily if it does not fit.

◆ 38. "Alliance with existing sites"
Airbnb, a private dormitor,CraigslistIt is said that they have succeeded in smoothly growing the company through partnership with the local information exchange site.

◆ 39. "Utilization of Affiliate Service"
Web security servicesFireboxHas prompted the sales commission of 8% to many affiliates, and has continued to increase users one after another. Affiliate said that his growth is profitable, so it is very compatible with the growth of startup companies.

◆ 40. "Free service strategy"
Of overseas VPN serviceHide MyAssWe offer many free services with paid services. First of all, it seems that the strategy of widening the frontiers by free service and increasing the number of users interested in paid services seems to be effective in many cases.

◆ 41. "More services will improve as more users"
Offer discount service at British restaurantTastecardReceives a fixed monthly fee from the user, it is a mechanism to get discounts at the affiliated restaurant. As the number of users increases, more restaurants are participating in Tastecard, and there are cycles in which more users are subscribed to it.

◆ 42. "Make the system reliable"
Internet auctioneBayIn addition to global companies, many small and medium enterprises are also entering. The eBay system evaluates the reliability of the user, and it is said that it is making the interaction between the individual and the individual reliable.

byperzon seo

◆ 43. "Playful"
Restaurant information serviceUrbanspoonI made apps that evaluate restaurants with smartphones have games to review reviews using acceleration that moves smartphones. Not only do you enjoy yourself, it also has the effect of appealing to other users who saw it.

◆ 44. "Use Creative Communities"
Kickstarter, the world's largest cloud funding site, first signed up with an early entry company who is likely to achieve funding in New York's creative community. Kickstarter 's reputation spread within the creative community due to the success of fundraising, and the service expanded.

◆ 45. "Market research with cloud funding"
Cloud funding sites such as Kickstarter are effective not only to raise funds but also as a place to appeal products and companies. Apparel site'sMinistry of SupplyMore investment in product development took place as a result of the successful procurement of funds at Kickstarter.

◆ 46. "Leverage user feedback"
Character content sales siteThe OatmealHe seems to be doing publicity concurrently with the creation of products by deciding which works to sell on demand from existing fans.

◆ 47. "Launch advertisement linked to search"
Hotel reservation siteBooking.comWill invest $ 1.8 billion (about 200 billion yen) in 2013,Google AdWordsWe made advertisement display. As hotel reservation sites are less priced in terms of price, how brands can be launched becomes important.

◆ 48. "To launch free content for a large number of customers"
MozHas grown as a consulting company of SEO blog, but that method was not to hit a paid advertisement, but to continuously provide beneficial content free of charge and lead to access to the service.

◆ 49. "Have the user make promotions"
Camera companiesGoProI bought a lot of funds for photography technology under hard conditions, but I did not spend much money on advertising. Instead, we posted footage shot with the product obtained from the user on the website and used it as advertisement itself.

◆ 50. "Setting up an official account"
Twitter appeals to Twitter itself by giving a mark of "official account" to famous people, "I'm also making such accounts on Twitter such celebrities are making accounts, and it also leads to the appeal of Twitter itself. While trying to differentiate it from other SNSs, it also plays a role of creating communities around users with high status and keeping users in touch.

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