Five Steps of Venture Companies Revenue Earnings of $ 5000 / Month

ByValentino Santiago-Perez

It was divided into 5 steps to see what people in the venture business that the venture company reached 5000 dollars a month (about 487,000 yen) after 6 months from the founding, It is open to the public. Blog - 5 Steps to $ 5,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

"" is a service that checks whether the content of the site is displayed without any problems, but it has been able to generate revenue of 5000 dollars each month though it is still 6 months since it started. To that end, we have the following five steps + α.

◆ Premise: Find a problem and make a valuable solution


In developing our own application as a web developer, we trust various web services. However, I felt that all the other developers felt the problem as well, and developed a product to solve their problems.

Companies do not want to spend money and labor on things other than the main products such as infrastructure, status page, etc. However, there is a problem that the use and reliability for services of other companies is deepening. If he could develop a status page that could be set up within 30 minutes, he hypothesized that communication between the web company and the customer would be lubricated and would be helpful to all developers.

◆ 1: Hacking customer's thoughts


As a page for displaying the status of the siteHeroku StatusYaGitHub System StatusThere was a wonderful precedent like that, so please refer to these as "The user can individually note occurrence events"You can display the status for each component in the site"End users can know the latest status by mail or SMS"Function added such as. We made the infrastructure redundant so that our site will not fall even if the user's site goes down.

Anyway, there is nothing more to do than "making good things" to win customers. If you thoroughly understand what is the problem and what customers are thinking about, you will not have to be afraid of anything from the first day.

Total revenue so far:$ 0

◆ 2: Start service provision to early adapter

ByAlienZen (Mike)

We have found an early user in two ways. The first one is a lot of friends, they are important customers. The second one isHacker Newswas. Twenty customers chosen from these two pay us $ 50 a month.

The important thing in this step is to think about what kind of products and services you would like to create and thenKeeping personal connections. In the case of, he seems to have made a connection related to web infrastructure. And another thing to keep a lot of time to participate in industry community. Scott Klein, one of the members, was an avid user of Hacker News and, thanks to that, he was able to gather attention when posted to Hacker News at launch.

Total revenue so far:$ 1000

◆ 3: Integrate feedback to create additional services

ByLutz-R. Frank

In the month of launch, we set up 200 free trial accounts and got some interesting opinions. From there, we requested "noninterference type technical support", "clear performance metrics", "marketing tool", "external appearance and atmosphere control", etc. two or three months earlier than planned, together with five data integration companiesPublic metricsI was able to announce. It has resulted in a profit of plus 1,000 dollars.

By touching the user as soon as possible, you will know "what to develop" and the user who touched will sign up. We added "customer self-solution support" from feedback. By considering taking time to understand where the user "experienced the worst scene" and "what kind of change is necessary", revenue was linked to plus $ 1,000.

Total revenue so far:$ 2000

◆ 4: Enlarge the entrance

ByStuck in Customs

As we observed doubts about the plan fee of the Status Page, as a result of observing from the large company to the small company, we changed the plan price from "free - 50 dollars a month" to "" 19 dollars a month - 249 dollars a month " Then, with Hacker NewsTechCrunchAnnounced a press release as the official "startup". The user further increased, and the revenue was further increased by 1,500 dollars.

There is no need to underestimate even if you listen to the user's rumored price. And the easiest way to expand the word of mouth of the product is "to respond in real time", for example, Danny Olinsky, one of the members, mails to the person who registered,OlarkWe frequently gathered feedback using chat service called. As a result, we attracted potential large customers and the expensive plan we set up was successful.

Total revenue so far:$ 3,500

◆ 5: I see! The moment


The setting of the Status Page is difficult, and if it takes 4 o'clock in the morning after the break time, the customer will leave "Please come back later!" We thought "when I first saw an efficient user page from account registration to metrics setup in 5 minutes" I see! " By introducing "optimized account registration method" and "public metrics", users can now understand page settings at a glance.

By discovering the moment when you think "I see!", It means that the face of the user can be seen even via e-mail from replying to e-mail. Regardless, the balance of the bank will show the most effect.

Total revenue so far:$ 5000

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