Seven lessons to increase monthly income from zero to 30,000 dollars

E-mail software that says "It's easier to use than Gmail with customer support"Groove"Alex Turnbull, who is CEO of Groove, has compiled the lessons learned so far to earn 30,000 dollars per month (about 2.92 million yen) from the time the income was zero, I will.

7 Lessons We Learned Going from Zero to $ 30k / Month in Under a Year

◆ 1: Fill the missing knowledge by utilizing net information obtained free of charge

Mr. Turnbull started a business after graduating from university, but at the time of university I did not learn anything necessary for entrepreneurship, including sales and management. As a result, it was impossible to judge what "was necessary" or "what was wrong", even though it was not done as an entrepreneur, or on the other hand making a mistake. Fortunately, however, there are lots of luck with entrepreneurs' advances and pioneers of small business on the Internet, so we can make it a strength by utilizing these. In the case of Mr. Turnbull, we assemble an automatic response system for e-mail that can be used for freeCopybloggerFrom 2 to 4 times superior headline writing method compared with the conventional oneKISSmetricsFrom the fact that you should see metrics instead of page viewsHubSpotI learned from that. What you need to start a business is to have insight to find top quality blogs in a category within an hour, Turnbull says.

◆ 2: Strategy to acquire new users Part 1 "Start blogging"

Talking about news coverage and social media as a way to gather people on the Internet, Turnbull before starting Groove is difficult to sustainably grow even if people gather in such a way, I felt it needed a better long-term strategy. So I started writing blog about what startup and small business would be useful for. Then, one of the articlesOnStartupsIt is adopted as a guest article, another article isBusiness InsiderIt will be delivered in. As a result, the number of visitors who were 100 people per day will be 1,000 or more, 1000% growth will be achieved.

◆ 3: Strategy to acquire new users Part 2 "Help widget"

Turnbull sent an email of thanks to the last twenty customers who signed up, when they got sluggish from the start of the service for a while. In that, "Where did you hear about Groove?" "I asked. Then, 8 out of 14 people who reply to me replied that "Help widget of browsing website used Groove". So two days later, I put the word "Powered by Groove" in the lower right of the help widget so that I can link to my site. Then, the effect immediately appeared, 100 people visited through the widget in 3 days, 19 people newly registered.

◆ 4: Activate the user

No matter how good you are offering, it does not make sense if you actually purchase it and use it. Although Groove had provided a very sophisticated service, it had too many functions to be touched by new customers, and prepared a flowchart as a countermeasure for new customers, but it took about seven minutes In some cases, the final response rate was only 15%. For this reason, regular users are asked about Groove's excellent points and analyzed, simplifying the flow chart. As a result, I was able to quadruple the response rate.

◆ 5: Automation of activation

Analyzing the data, among users who tried Groove for free, the probability that the user who created the mailbox even when connecting for the first time is returned to the service compared to the person who made the mailbox for the second time or later is 6 It turned out that it was twice as expensive. As a result, Mr. Turnbull tries to automatically send a mail to invite people who did not create a mailbox to activate and create a mailbox at the first connection. This measure was successful, the probability that users who received e-mail within two weeks of trial period will transition to a paid account has increased by 18%.

◆ 6: Maintain users

These mails are not only useful for acquiring new users. After completing activation and continuing user, we continued to inform you of new features and updates with automatic mail, so we succeeded in subtracting 20% ​​out of users who leave in 30 days.

◆ 7: Great customer support

People who contact support during the free trial turned out to be paying customers after the trial at a probability close to nine times compared with those who never used support. Although this seems to seem to suggest that Groove's mail software is difficult to use, we use support only because the user feels it is worthwhile. therePareto's lawFocus on free trial customers according to and set up support link to stand out. As a result of squeezing out to those who need support to make contacts by phone or email, the probability that free trial customers will start paying has increased by 20%.

Automating everything seems convenient at first glance, but it is the same as escaping the value of the product. There are not many services that have customer support from small businesses or startups, but excellent customer support seems to produce great effect.

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