Site Guru SEO tool that can be used for free starts the service until the number of users is increased to 1000 persons in one year from service launch

SiteGuruWe are offering SEO tools that anyone can start using it for free. Be the owner of SiteGuruRick Van HastelenHe shares business promotion know-how on what kind of initiatives he has taken to increase users from the launch of the site, how the number of users reached 1000 with the circumstancesIndie HackersI will introduce it.

How I got my first 1000 users - RickVanHaasteren - Indie Hackers

◆ Adwords advertisement
Mr. Van Hastelen first used the advertisement offered by Google after launching the service in January 2017 that it was Google's adwords advertisement. Mr. Van Hastelen firstly seemed to see what kind of reaction the prospective user shows by issuing Adwords advertisement, although the product is still not perfect. For details, see the same Indie Hackers entry "How I tested my website with 100 real visitors spending just $ 100As summarized in this campaign, SiteGuru succeeded in acquiring the first ten users.

Van Hustern judged that continuing to use expensive Adwords advertisements is not a good idea as paid users were zero at this point. However, while continuing to use Adwords advertisements for a while, I decided to introduce another method.

◆ encourage bloggers to introduce services
Since SiteGuru was successful in getting a positive response from the initial user, Mr. Van Hastelen sent a mail to a famous blogger in the SEO field, asked us to use SiteGuru, and tell us a story about that article I advanced. At the same time, Mr. Van Hastelen who hired a specialist staff to approach and introduce similar sites and aimed at spreading it on the web, but the result of this effort iszero. Although it seems that it was disappointing with this result, as the number of new users from Adwords advertisement was increasing, the number of users at this point increased to 60 people.

◆ Utilization of curation service "ProductHunt"
In August 2017, Mr. Van Hastelen is a curation site that can discover new products such as web services, applications and games, and "Product Hunt"We posted SiteGuru to spread it.

Product Hunt

This strategy has given certain effects and succeeded in winning 100 users. At this point the number of users of SiteGuru has reached 180 people.

Sudden expansion with "StackCommerce"
In November 2017, SiteGuru supports brand expansion in e-commerceStackCommerceHaving taken up in it will fulfill a rapid expansion. Mr. Van Hastelen, who received advice from StackCommerce to give us a regular 90% discount campaign price, will take that measure. Then, the influx from the site such as The Next Web and so on suddenly expanded, and it seems that the number of users rapidly expanded including free plan users.


Efforts at StackCommerce lasted three months, and as a result SiteGuru's number of users has increased to 750 people. Also, I used similar services like DealFuel and GreeDeals, and it seems that I left bad results.

◆ Increase inflow from organic search · SEO effect
Eight months after service launch, SiteGuru said that the number of inflows from organic search increased visibly. With the increase in traffic, the number of new users also increased so that the necessary labor has decreased compared to the beginning. In addition, it was said that measures against SEO worked well, and the number of users at this stage was 950 people. It reached only a few steps up to 1000 people.

◆ Change signup process
For the first 12 months, the user was able to do an analysis (page check) of one page of his / her own without signing up SiteGuru. First of all, it was a measure aimed at having you subscribe (sign up) to a paid "site check" that you can check the entire site after trying the effect on your own page, but the conversion rate that actually signed up There was a fact that it was only 5% of the whole. Therefore, Mr. Van Hastelen made a change to make it necessary to sign-in even when checking the page, and made a mechanism to guide more efficiently to the site check.

As a result, the conversion rate increased from 5% to 20%, and SiteGuru finally succeeded in breaking down the wall of 1000 users. After that, the number of users continues to increase gradually.

What if I could start over?
If all could be redone from the beginning again, Mr. Van Hastelen said, "There are lots of things, but the biggest thing to do before signing up a lot of things before showing them all" Let's take advantage of learning. " Mr. Van Hastelen thinks that he wishes to increase the conversion rate after that by first signing up, rather than letting you experience one part of the service without signing up, to increase the number of paid users.

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