"Pericarp" which had been thrown away as garbage than coffee beans themselves is more expensive

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Coffee beans are made by taking out the seeds contained in fruits called coffee cherries, drying and roasting. It is becoming popular to add as a flavor the hot and cold water like a tea, which is called "cascara", which is dried unnecessary part of pulp and peel. Demand for cascara is eel in recent years, its price far exceeds the coffee itself.

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One person who noticed that Cascalize is a very tasty one, Aida Batlle who grew up in a coffee farmer in El Salvador. Before Batlle succeeded coffee farmers, coffee bean pulp and peel were almost discarded as unnecessary. But on a sunny day, when Batlle was walking, I realized that there was a very good aroma like hibiscus and other flowers mixed. When I checked somewhere along the smell, it was said that the coffee peel was originated from the sun dried. When Mr. Batlle poured hot water into the peel of the dried coffee, it was a flavorful taste like saying "I tried it" to the customers immediately.

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Coffee peel called "cascara" will be noticed until about 10 years after Batlle's discovery that Starbucks, the worldwide coffee chain, will begin to use.

Starbucks First New Beverage of 2017, the Cascara Latte | Starbucks Newsroom

In addition, other coffee chains, such as blue bottle coffee, also began to develop menus incorporating Kasukara.

In Starbucks in the loop of Illinois and Chicago, it is said that eyslate which used cascara for syrup and form milk is offered in medium size for $ 4.75 (about 520 yen). By introducing Cascala by Starbucks, people came to recognize more about the existence of Cascal.

And as the demand from the coffee chain increases, the price of cascara once treated as "garbage" is becoming higher than coffee beans themselves. According to Batlle, the average price of coffee beans is 1.2 dollars (about 130 yen) per pound (about 450 g), but it seems that Cascala's price is $ 7 (about 770 yen).

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Caska scarcely contains caffeine and does not have the stronger taste than coffee. Although the flavor differs depending on where it was harvested, flavors like papaya and green apples are felt besides hibiscus. Sam Sabori of the Chicago-based coffee shop "Intelligentsia Coffee" talks about Cascala, "It reminds me of a flavor like a raisin or a port wine", and among the most recently tried it was to Cascala harvested in Guatemala I wrote that there was a tropical one. Article creation Currently Intelligentsia Coffee does not have a menu using Kasukara, but he is thinking about developing a new menu in the future.

Even if it is said that the demand is rapidly increasing, the scale is still small enough to measure. Batlle considers the popularity of Kasukara "I do not want to be a temporary fashion". In the coffee industry, coffee beans are traded at a very low price, so Cascalas traded at a high price "will be of great help," Batlle said.

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