Experts point out that the coffee at the chain store uses beans with freshness


The expiration date of coffee beans is in the state of beans after roasting2-3 weeksIt is said that beans are oxidized and the freshness falls after passing it, and the taste becomes stronger in acidity and bitter taste while losing flavor and caffeine. Starbucks andDunkin donutsFor those who drink coffee everyday at a chain store such as the news that they did not want to hear, it is highly likely that the coffee beans used by such chain stores are not fresh, saidINSIDERI point out.

Why your coffee is not fresh - INSIDER

Thomas Hartkolis, coffee expert and cofounder of coffee bean roasting factory, pointed out that most large coffee retailers do not offer fresh roasted coffee at stores I will.

According to Mr. Hartkolis, roasted coffee beans naturally release carbon dioxide, so freshness can be maintained "about 7 to 10 days after roasting". When this release of carbon dioxide is finished, the coffee beans begin to oxidize, the flavor is lost, and the caffeine content also decreases. And unfortunately, it seems that this oxidation can not be prevented in sealed containers for preserving food.

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In addition, most major retailers are roasting and packing large amounts of coffee beans at one time in large-scale facilities and supplying coffee beans to each branch and after at least one month has elapsed since roasting It points out that it is being used. In addition, it is because roasting a large amount of beans at once is far more efficient than repeating small scale roasting over and over again, resulting in cost reduction.

In order to keep roasted coffee beans as fresh as possible, some retailers use something with a gas venting valve attached to the bag. Although a bag with a valve has a structure that carbon dioxide gas can go out but oxygen can not enter into a bag, once the bag is opened, keep the freshness of coffee beans It will not get you. According to Mr. Hartkolis's research, the coffee beans that had been in the bag for a month are rapidly oxidized after the bags are opened, and they are said to lose 70% of the flavor. And this is the reason why coffee beans of major retailers are not described as "roasted day" but "day when freshness is lost", he says.

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While most major coffee chains are reluctant to talk about "whether the provided coffee is really fresh", a small coffee shop that roasts coffee beans inside the store is fresh I'm not afraid to make it crapy because "I simply have coffee with fresh coffee beans after roasting," he says.

However, drinking fresh coffee is not harmful. The flavor is weak and the caffeine has decreased, but "most people will not know the difference," INSIDER said. If you want to know if coffee was made with fresh beans,CremaHeartcolis says to see if the coffee is not jet black color "or" see the bubbles ".

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