Seven pitfalls that tend to fall when you are at home with coffee


I like coffee, check with a person who is in the habit of being at home and drinking once, It is a check point when putting in coffee which is easy to catch unexpectedly.

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1: Coffee beans are sold in supermarkets and others in bulk packs

Natural enemies that lose the scent of roasted coffee beans are oxygen and light. As long as you do not pay much attention to the quality of coffee, there is a possibility that the tube for selling coffee by weight is dirty with bean oil and it may be stinking, so slight attention is paid to the sale by supermarkets etc. Is required.

In order to get fresh coffee beans, it is also a good way to ask local shops to do it from roasting, or if you have the energy you can challenge yourself to roast. When buying pre-packaged beans at the grocery store, please make sure whether you are particular about roasting and choose vacuum packaged light shielding package.

2: Coffee bean storage place is refrigerator or freezer

Because there is an image that preserves coffee beans at low temperature, there are many people who put beans to use in refrigerators and freezers as well.

The roasted coffee beans have countless small holes and absorb the moisture and the smell of other foods at once. Due to its nature, it is also possible to put in the refrigerator as a deodorant after expelling coffee.

A scent expert advises strongly that coffee, especially deeply roasted beans, should avoid frozen storage. The best way is to add coffee every 5 to 7 days, store in a sealed container at room temperature.

3: Even if I bought coffee beans in a state that I had in advance, there is not much difference even if I pulled beans myself


The state gets worse steadily from the moment the coffee beans hit. If you can put coffee in the best condition of beans, it is best to drink before you put coffee.

4: Coffee using distilled water is more delicious

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The attention to water has reached the peak and I think that people who use distilled water containing no impurities are not that much indeed, but the coffee that was in distilled water will rather taste. That is because minerals contained in water are essential for delivering delicious coffee.

However if you are concerned about the effect on aroma slightly with tap water containing chlorine, please try using a water purifier equipped with activated carbon filter or bottled water.

5: The type of coffee filter is not particularly related to taste

There are many things in the coffee filter, but with a cheap paper filter, you can only have some cheap taste of coffee. Oxygen bleached paper filter or filter without dioxin seems to be able to put coffee of better taste than that of cheap one.

If you want something that can be used repeatedly rather than a disposable paper filter, you may wish to purchase a metal filter though it's a little stretched.

6: The state of boiling water is the best


If you put coffee with too hot hot water, bitterness comes out stronger than scent. Since the optimal temperature is about 93 degrees, it is good to put boiling water for about 45 seconds. Some quality coffee makers automatically do this operation.

7: It is better to stay in a French press than to be a coffee maker


Starbucks and other brands of coffee beansFrench pressAlthough there are many specialty stores that can be with me, there is an image that the French press is better way, but because it is a rough metal filter, beans can not be completely rubbed, a rough texture It will be finished.

The drinking mouth itself can be said to be individuality, but coffee which contains a lot of bean fragments raises the concentration of bad cholesterol in the bloodCafe stall, So if you are to drink regularly, it seems safe to have a technique that allows you to properly coffee beans, such as a coffee maker.

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