A top-notch coffee specialist 'Which is high-end coffee?'

Coffee is a drink that is loved by people all over the world and an international galleries cup of excellence that compete for the quality of coffee beans has been held and coffee parties and coffee specialty shops all over the world make annual gifts We are closely watching the whereabouts. About the quality of such coffee beans, Dillon Edwards , the founder of coffee shop Parlor Coffee in Brooklyn, New York, made a challenge to challenge "to hit higher quality beans out of two kinds of coffee beans" Has been published on YouTube.

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This man is coffee expert Edwards.

As soon as the camera starts turning, I confess that "To be honest, I am feeling really nervous" and invite you to laugh.

The first question immediately. A and B, two kinds of coffee beans were brought in front of Mr. Edwards.

"You can see that these two kinds of beans are very different in appearance," Edwards took A beans. A 's beans are black and roasted and it is said that a very exciting fragrance will result.

On the other hand, B 's beans are brownish in color and are not roasted deeper than A' s beans.

Some people like roasting coffee beans deeply, others like roasting shallow. Simply it is not possible to judge the price depending on whether the roast is deep or shallow, but "generally roasting deeply will hide the original taste of coffee," Edwards says. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the original taste of coffee, you should choose shallow roast beans.

I will put coffee on two beans and compare the taste. First of all Edwards started rinsing the filter set in the dripper with hot water.

First of all, by washing away paper filters and appliances with hot water, it is possible to wash out the smell attached to the equipment.

Pull the coffee beans with an electric mill ......

Set in the filter.

After driping by putting in hot water ......

Extraction of coffee using A and B, two kinds of beans completed. As is reminiscent of the color of beans, coffee using A's beans is much black shades than coffee using B beans.

When Edwards tasted freshly brewed coffee, I recommend that you "smell the fragrance" first. If you drink suddenly hot coffee, the tongue is paralyzed by the heat of coffee, it seems that you can not fully taste the cup of coffee.

Edwards enjoyed the scent of coffee, and carried a small amount of coffee in his mouth.

The coffee of A has a flavor like a molasses, "I am sweet as if I am licking sugar", and I heard that sourness is hardly felt. Also, Edwards said that he felt a smooth texture like a velvet.

Next, B coffee is tasted.

"After drinking Wow, A's coffee, you can tell that B's coffee has a very fruity taste," Edwards said, with a sweet peachy flavor as well.

Also, as to why Mr. Edwards drinks so as to say "Zuzuzu" when he tastes coffee, "Because it is possible to grasp the coffee's taste more taste better by putting coffee in the mouth with the air "I explained.

Well, Mr. Edwards expected B 's coffee bean to be higher. The result which is worrisome ......

A coffee bean was 13 dollars (about 450 g) per pound (about 450 g), and coffee beans of B were $ 22 (about 2400 yen) per pound. Mr. Edwards' expectations are wonderful.

Edwards with a satisfying expression with "Yoshi!"

As an advice that Mr. Edwards can enjoy even more coffee, "When roasting too deeply, the original taste of coffee is hidden" "However, quality is not low because it roasted deeply" "It was shallow roasted Coffee beans can enjoy the original taste of coffee ".

Next is the second question.

Edwards said, "I can see that the two beans are quite different from the looks."

B beans were roasted shallow a bit, the size of the beans was very well, and there were no beans that were crushed or cracked.

Meanwhile, it is pointed out that the beans of A are irregular in shape, and beans that seem to be poorly developed can be seen. Mr. Edwards just judged the shape of the coffee beans and judged that "B is more likely to be a premium bean."

Immediately taste coffee and do tasting.

A coffee is "very bitter and strongly sour, I can not drink without sugar," she breaks a second.

Meanwhile, Edwards who drank B's coffee ... ...

"It's a very clear, sweet and exciting coffee, it's a coffee I'd like to drink in black," he said.

Mr. Edwards said, "If A is higher in this, I despair."

The result which is worrisome ......

A coffee beans cost $ 8 per pound (about 900 yen) and B coffee beans $ 34 per pound (about 3800 yen). Indeed there was a price difference more than four times.

Edwards said about the quality of coffee, "Good beans are not chipped or cracked, they are ripe and well shaped" "Good coffee is processed with caution and perseverance" "The coffee for morning use The quantity is more important than the quality "was pointed out.

Coffee beans of the third question are roasted similarly to each other.

However, Edwards pointed out that B coffee beans are slightly roasted too much and "oil is floating on the surface". A coffee bean seems to be more expensive.

As soon as I start putting in coffee ......

"Between A and B, there is a difference in the state of the beans being dripped," Edwards began talking. Gas is trapped in the beans during the process of roasting coffee beans, and the quality coffee beans bulge frequently during drip as gas escapes, and the bubbles will float on the surface actively. It seems there is a possibility that the coffee beans which gas does not come out so much are old

Edited by Edwards said A 's coffee is a very refreshing flavor and it feels like an apple - like flavor.

Meanwhile, B's coffee has a bitter bitterness and the aftertaste is not refreshing.

Mr. Edwards judged that A is a premium coffee bean. Result is……

A was $ 28 per pound (about 3100 yen), and B was ten dollars (about 1100 yen) per pound.

As criteria for choosing coffee beans, "pay attention to the date of roasting rather than expiration date" "should buy beans within 3 weeks from the day of roasting" "the expiration date has little relation to the quality of beans" Edwards advised me.

Subsequently, the fourth question.

"A beans are shaped like extending vertically, and they have somehow an exotic shape," Edwards said. It is said that these beans are a feature often seen in beans grown in East Ethiopia.

On the other hand, B beans were small and round in grain as a whole. Edwards predicted that this is a Bourbon species , which is widely grown worldwide.

Mr. Edwards who grabbed the bean of A once again speculated that "A bean is a type of ' geisha '? Geisha is a small variety that can be harvested from a single tree, a type that had never been noticed as much as a "variety difficult to raise" once, but it was overwhelmingly highly appreciated when it was exhibited in the 1990's competition It is a varieties of coffee beans that became popular.

I will try tasting soon.

Edwards, who drank B's coffee, said, "It has a very nice flavor and is a flavor like a juicy and refreshing apple".

Then I drank A 's coffee ......

"It feels like an apricot, it also feels like an Earl Gray, it's a wonderfully refreshing and distinctive coffee," he also said.

Although it was Edwards who gave high evaluation to both A and B, "I think that A is a geisha again, or a wonderful coffee of a level similar to that", judged that A is a premium bean. However, coffee beans of B are also very good quality coffee beans, it seems that it became a little difficult judgment.

Which one is higher quality coffee beans?

Ah, A was an exclusive coffee bean costing as much as $ 86 per pound (about 9,400 yen). B is also 30 dollars per pound (about 3300 yen), and this is also a class of coffee beans sufficiently high class.

Like coffee beans and apples and grapes, there are many varieties around the world. Also, depending on the area to be harvested, the coffee beans featured features.

And it is finally the last question.

Both A and B have no problem in appearance, Edwards expects that both are high quality coffee beans. After tasting, I will decide which is more upscale.

Just put some coffee ......

Start tasting.

Mr. Edwards, who is worried that "both are good quality coffee", but somewhat looks happy.

"I want to use a cup spoon when I want to feel a very subtle difference," I took out a cup spoon from the bottom of the table.

Scoop up coffee with cup spoon ......

Tasting. The expression is seriously true. By scooping and drinking with a cup spoon, it makes it easier to inhale the air together than drinking normally, so you can better sense the taste of coffee.

As a result of drinking and comparing both with a cup spoon, Edwards expected that "A is more juicier than B and the aftertaste is refreshing", and A is a premium coffee bean.

Which results are worrisome, "Which is a very close match, whichever is exclusive" ...

A is 36 dollars per pound (about 4000 yen) and B is 28 dollars per pound (about 3100 yen). I had a great expectation.

Finally, Mr. Edwards said, "If you have enough money to enjoy coffee, you may want to investigate the coffee bean production area and choose the one produced at a reputable farm," he said. It concludes.

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