How are the world's leading coffee lovers enjoying coffee?

Some of the people who enjoy coffee are those who only need to drink coffee several times a day and some who like to drink high-quality coffee that costs over ¥ 1,000. A movie about how the world's leading coffee lovers are enjoying coffee is available on YouTube.

Inside the World of High-End Coffee | Annals of Obsession | The New Yorker

The coffee being poured into the cup is ...

It is said to use coffee beans of the world's finest variety called

Geisha .

It is offered at a high price of $ 29 a cup (approximately 3200 yen).

The coffee that is provided for $ 29 is a cafe called

Sey Coffee in Brooklyn.

Owner Lance Schnorenberg offers the best coffee ...

It has been pursuing the ideal coffee for several years and repeating the tasting.

Sara Samplawska, who is a regular at Sey Coffee, cites that many people prefer wines that cost several tens of thousands yen with a bottle ...

Coffee-loving people insist on spending the same money for the finest coffee.

Dave Wong, who loves large coffee, has a serious look in front of several types of coffee.

I wondered what to do, and I inserted my nose into the cup and started to smell.

Mr. Wong has had more than 600 kinds of coffee so far, and he sometimes travels for coffee.

Among these people, who should be called 'coffee geeks', it seems that sniffing with the nose as close to the cup as possible is not a strange behavior.

Coffee expert Hana Kaneshige points out that the coffee culture has some 'waves'.

The first wave (First Wave) is the period from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, when coffee became cheaper due to the development of circulation, and coffee came to be close to life. The appearance of instant coffee, canned coffee, etc. and the taste of coffee culture took root in people was a significant change.

The second wave that came next was the 'deep roasting boom' that occurred from the 1960s to the 1990s, and the appearance of Starbucks is symbolic.

'The second wave makes it so common for people to pay $ 5 (approximately 550 yen) for a cup of coffee,' says Kaneshige.

Coffee producer Aida Batlle also insisted on the importance of 'the second wave made people talk about coffee'.

And the third wave that is in vogue since the end of the 20th century focuses on the quality of coffee itself.

People are emphasizing factors such as where and how they were grown and how they were roasted.

At the state-of-the-art coffee shop, computers are used to control the roasting of coffee beans and the latest technologies are also embedded in research on quality and extraction methods.

Mr. Wong also knows the names of producers of coffee beans he drinks, so that the end consumers are obsessed with the producers of coffee beans.

Tobin Polk, a partner of Sey Coffee, is now able to interact directly with coffee bean producers with the proliferation of smartphones and so on ...

He said he was able to make detailed requests such as 'Make it 32 hours'.

A coffee competition is also held and attracts many participants and spectators.

Pouring coffee into a glass is like a wine show.

People scoop coffee for a taste with spoon ...

I am writing a detailed report. At the tournament, baristas competed for coffee skills, bean quality and tasting.

A barista woman who shows a tense expression in front of the audience.

A person who shoots the hand of a barista with a smartphone with a serious expression or ...

People who sip coffee with a spoon for tasting.

According to Kaneshige, it is common to taste and taste the coffee so that it sprays the spray into the mouth by sprinkling the coffee with a spoon and vigorously 'sushing'.

Not only 'bitterness' and 'sour' but also a wide variety of tastes exist in the taste of coffee ...

Involved in the coffee aroma and taste

aromatic compound number of things to outweigh the wine.

Many people participate in the coffee class sponsored by Kaneshige every time ...

I'm keen to learn about what I need to drink good coffee at home.

Schnorenberg points out that the fact that you can now drink some of the best coffee in the world, anywhere in the world if you pay $ 4,5 a cup, is amazing.

Mr. Wong stated that coffee is a culture, as coffee brought about meeting many people.

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