What is "Third Wave Coffee" after all? And for the future to come

Dried beans brewed in front of customers' freshly brewed beans, the so-called "Third wave coffee"Gathered popularity mainly in America, even in Japan"Blue bottle coffee" opensThe waves are getting caught. Third wave coffee is said to reflect the Japanese cafe's culture, but what kind of flow originally appeared in the first place, and how to go forward in the future, such contentEaterIt is spoken in the movie created.

How We Got To Third Wave Coffee and Peet's Plan For the Future - YouTube

First, coffee gained popularity widely, "First wave (1st wave)", appearance of instant coffee by brands such as "Folgers", "Maxwell" and "Nestle" .

Instant coffee that can easily drink coffee will be drunk a lot. A cup of coffee to drink at the company desk ... ...

Instant coffee is active when you drink coffee at home.

The instant coffee was a popular secret that was put in a convenient container such as bottle, vacuum pack, stick type etc. We adopted popular catch phrase and other strategies, and gathered popularity for a long time. However, the coffee of the "first wave" had a weak point such as being bitter and weak in flavor.

It became popular by supplementing its weak point and became "Second Wave (Second Wave)", as well as Starbucks familiar in Japan andPietts & Coffee & amp; TeaIt was a coffee shop such as.

The second wave coffee is characterized by providing freshly brewed coffee with aroma and flavor at the shop, and the time has come when the people who are seeking high quality coffee are highly acclaimed. It is said that the timing of drinking such as espresso and latte was said to be this timing, and knowledge such as bean production area and roasting method penetrated to the general people can be said to have been due to the appearance of second wave coffee.

Second-wave coffee like this will gradually expand its marketing route to supermarkets etc. We will follow the same strategy as First Wave coffee. In this situation newly emerging is coffee called "third wave (third wave)".

Based on the state of Oregon it became the main role of this waveStumptown(Stamptown) and born in ChicagoIntelligentia(Intelligentsia), which offers high quality coffee shops.

These shops use the beans carefully selected by themselves and have the characteristic that the barista creates coffee one by one on the spot using the beans roasted at the store. As much as the way the coffee is brewed, shops and managers themselves as "places" will occupy a large part of the "experience" of visiting shops and drinking coffee.

The situation surrounding the third wave coffee is said to be similar to craft beer, so-called "local beer". It may be that beer and coffee have similar parts in the sense that popularity gathers and gets loved for items with individuality.

Although it is Stamptown and Intelligentia of such Third Wave Coffee Shop, there was a scene in the latter half of 2015 that it was acquired by Representative of Second Wave, Petit · Coffee & amp; Nonetheless, it does not destroy the charm of third wave coffee. Petz says "Third Wave Coffee has evolved what Second Wave Coffee has done in a smarter way," and it is rather a state of measures to further advance the strategy of third wave coffee. In other words, the goal of "getting good delicious high-quality coffee by many people" is the same as the second wave.

It is said that what will become the subject after this is to balance the price "price" or "quality".

The biggest mass in the coffee market is a general consumer who is buying coffee in a supermarket, but will these consumers drop money in the world of high-quality, niche third-wave coffee in the future , Or will the quality continue to buy a second-wave coffee that is relatively cheap and the price is cheap, the movie is closed as the future of the coffee industry is left here.

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