Will Xbox One get into trouble due to expanded sales of PS 4, will it affect Xbox's proprietary delivery title as well?

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"Star Wars Battle Front II"Or"FIFA 18","Battlefield"We've done a lot of popular game titles such asElectronic Arts(EA) 's breakthrough Jolgensen CFO announced the sales volume of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS 4) by the end of 2017, and it is talked about having a big opening.

PlayStation Sales Double Xbox One's in 2018 - Variety

PS4 expands its sales lead, now 71% of "two-console" market with Xbox One | Ars Technica

In the telephone conference that EA made for investors, I revealed the number "The number of Xbox One sold by the end of 2017 is about 29.4 million." Microsoft has not revealed exact sales figures and commented on Variety of the news site as "incorrect prediction" about 29.4 million numbers, but EA has released a popular game title for Xbox One Since it is a major publisher releasing multiple, it is thought that it is actually quite close numbers. Microsoft has not revealed exact Xbox One sales, but it is an online service for Xbox 360 / Xbox OneXbox LiveIt is said that 59 million active users per month.

Sony Interactive Entertainment officiallySales of PS4 by the end of 2017 amounted to 73.6 million units, We assume that Xbox One's sales volume is about 30 million units, there will be about 2.5 times difference in unit sales.

Compared to PS4, Xbox One is obviously sluggish, but this is probably due to the fact that sales of Xbox One in certain areas are not growing as expected. According to the research company NPD, Microsoft 's Xbox series has historically tended to be sluggish with the number of units sold in the Japanese market, and in fact it will be the 4 K version for Xbox OneXbox One X sold only 1344 units in the first weekIn overseas media as welltopicbecame.

In the past Microsoft released sales of Xbox One, but it has stopped reporting a few years ago, and has been selling more than a few years agoengagementIt is said that it is "the metric which is the key to success". To appeal the soundness of the game business to deploy, Microsoft has issued the figure "X monthly active user of Xbox Live is 59 million people", but "many of them use the Xbox application of Windows 10 There is a high possibility that it is a user who is not an Xbox One user, "Ars Technica of foreign media points out.

In 2015, Phil Spencer, Microsoft's gaming department supervisor, said, "Market share is important, but what is more important than sharing is whether you are acquiring new customers, that customers are purchasing games, It is clear that Microsoft is neglecting comparison of unit sales relative to PS4. "Sony and Nintendo are able to succeed, but that does not mean that Microsoft 's ambition will be sacrificed," he also said in a statement that he hates to compare with other game terminals I will.

In the latest quarterly report by Microsoft, sales of game software have increased by 18%, and sales of Xbox related software and services have increased by 24%. However, since Microsoft has not disclosed revenues from the sale of Xbox One (including Xbox One S and Xbox One X) separately from the revenue of the entire game, is it possible to profit only with Xbox One's hardware I am not sure. In the past, analysis of technology field etc.Paul Thurrott"We have never profited Microsoft 's gaming sector," he asserts.

In addition, the current state that PS4 is growing sales volume means "For XBOX One it is not very appealing for publishers and game developers who release games targeting only one game machine," Ars Technica Pointed out. It is not easy for big game makers to ignore users of 30 million people, but you can not ignore the fact that PS4 users have more than twice as many users.

Microsoft has discontinued development on the way while developing a big title with the same big budget as PS 4A caseButMultipleYes. If the sales volume of Xbox One sluggish, it will be difficult to allocate a big budget for game titles developed by Microsoft.

When Xbox 360 was launched, it was Microsoft that succeeded in increasing the sales volume more strongly than the competitor's PS3, but it turned out that the sales volume of Xbox One has greatly diverged. Can we get back on sales from here?Next generation game machineWill it turn into an offensive in the future, I am not interested in the future development.

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