A surprise report that the owned domain had become a pirate site's thing while you did not know, what is the cause?

byKeith Trice

The domain owned by a web developer has unexpectedly led to a server that illegally uploads PDF files to 390 thousand copies and it is caught by Google search as a domain of a pirated site irrespective of the intention of the domain owner There is a report that it became a situation.

A Recycled IP Address Caused Me to Pirate 390,000 Books by Accident - Nick Janetakis

Mr. Nick Yanetakis was a free web developer, who was also a lecturer on server management and operation technology online. In around 2016, Mr. Yanetakis demonstrated in the video lesson how to activate HTTPS to the site of its own domain, and "ssl.nickjanetakis.com" which is the subdomain of "nickjanetakis.com" as my site Prepare and host a virtual server registered for lectureA recordHas been set. Sometimes I prepared carefully, and I was able to record images for lecture without any problems.

Yanetakis set up Google alerts to receive email notifications when someone links to their site, but suddenly an unusual amount of notification comes from Google about a few months after the lecture ended It began. However, Ms. Yanetakis thought that "Google Alert has finally become strange" and ignored it.

Then, after a while, a mail arrived from Mr. Yanetakis from a person who took picture classes. Yanetakis who was suspected of being spam mail at first, after reading the sentence "Hello, your website is illegitimately accessed", but because of the attachment of several screenshots as evidence, a large amount I noticed the meaning of the Google alert that the notification came.

Actually, Yanetakis had forgotten deleting the setting of the A record, although deletion of the contract of the virtual server was completed after recording was forgotten. Therefore, "ssl.nickjanetakis.com" has been hosting an IP address that no one has managed for about 2 years. And since the same IP address was accidentally reused by the virtual server that illegally uploads pirated version, a lot of PDF files were delivered from "ssl.nickjanetakis.com" irrespective of Ms. Yanetakis's will .

Most of what was put on the virtual server hosted from "ssl.nickjanetakis.com" is a specialized book for universities, and the number of books exceeded approximately 390,000 volumes. Mr. Yanetakis contacted the management company of the virtual server to explain the circumstances and to have the connection from "ssl.nickjanetakis.com" shut down.

Yanetakis admitted his mistake and urge us to "delete DNS records that have been done promptly" from this case. At the same time, I point out that reuse of IP address due to IPv4 address exhaustion problem is also a major cause, and I argue that there is no possibility that similar problems will occur if IPv6 spreads forward.

bythierry ehrmann

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