Removed a large number of streaming videos as Twitch 'infringes copyright'

On October 20, 2020, the live game platform

Twitch deleted a large number of movies for distribution as 'using music that violates copyright law.' In a notification sent to users, Twitch states that it will not allow actions to challenge or withdraw the removal of the streamed movie.

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On October 20, 2020, Twitch deleted a large number of movies for distribution as 'using music that violates copyright law.' It seems that this is a measure based on the

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and many Twitch users who used music for the BGM of game distribution videos were affected.

The DMCA is a law governing the use of copyrighted material online, and platforms notified of infringement by copyright holders and organizations at the DMCA will be protected from proceedings by removing the content in question. There are regulations.

The notification that Twitch sent to users who were targeted for movie deletion states that 'Your channel is subject to one or more DMCA deletion notifications and the identified content has been deleted. We recognize that we do not offer you the option of filing a notice of opposition or requesting withdrawal due to retention of content. With this in mind, we process this notice and write. We will issue a one-time warning to give you the opportunity to learn about the rights laws and the tools available to manage the content of your channel. '

Normally, Twitch suspends the account of the user who has been alleged to violate the copyright law based on the DMCA multiple times, but this time a 'one-time warning' was issued as a special measure, and the account suddenly opened. It seems that it will not be stopped. In addition, Twitch has notified that there may still be infringing content on your channel, asking you to check the content on your channel and remove it if necessary.

Foreign media The Verge pointed out that the reason why Twitch deleted a large amount of content at once was probably due to the tightening of regulations by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) . The RIAA requested a large number of Twitch users to delete it based on copyright law violations in June 2020, and Twitch, which had to delete a large number of clips to avoid litigation, infringed the copyright. The Verge says it may have decided to bulk delete the content it does.

Twitch streamers are getting blindsided by years-old copyright notices --The Verge

A Twitch spokeswoman told The Verge, 'We are very proud that Twitch has become a necessary service for many artists and composers during this difficult time. Composers, artists, It's important to protect the rights of other music industry partners. We continue to develop tools and resources to further educate our creators and give them greater control over their content, as well as acknowledging in the copyright arena. We are working with our vendors to help achieve these goals. '

In addition, on September 30, 2020, Twitch introduced a new tool 'Soundtrack by Twitch' that allows creators to add copyrighted music to their distribution, and will make songs that have cleared the copyright problem to creators. It offers.

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