The petroleum industry is starting to be affected not least by the spread of electric buses

Electric vehicles (EV) that run only with the electricity stored in the battery naturally do not consume fossil fuels at all. Public transportation is the case in China where the spread of electric vehicles is said to be remarkableDating busThe movement to shift to electric cars is intensifying, and there is a situation that the consumption of fossil fuel decreases along with it.

Electric Buses Are Hurting the Oil Industry - Bloomberg

In the early 2010s, China's EV manufacturer at industry events held in BelgiumBYD Co.When we announced the initial model of the electric bus, people gathered were not trying to get serious about "being a joke". Mr. Is Brand Ho, who is in charge of the strategy of the Europe region with BYD, recalls, "Everyone laughed that BYD is trying to make a toy." However, only about 7 years have passed since 2018, and electric buses continue to spread in China in the momentum of bamboo.

For China with a population of 1,200 million, it is an urgent task to reduce the environmental destruction caused by people's lives. As the diffusion of automobiles has progressed at a rapid pace, a large amount of exhaust gas is expelled in all cities in China, but exhaust gas from a bus that consumes about 30 cars of a passenger car with one unit also , Measures have been required as a cause of air pollution.

One of the solutions to such problems is the introduction of electric buses at the national level. It was revealed that 99% of the electric buses that ran the world in 2017 was a bus that was running in China, and that number accounts for 17% of the total cars driving in China It was said that it was. Furthermore, the introduction of electric buses is continuing to be introduced in China and the number of 9500 electric public transport vehicles continues to increase every five weeks. The figure "9500 cars" is the same as the number of vehicles of all public transportation vehicles running in London. In China, the same amount of electric buses are continuing to increase every five weeks, such as buses running in the city of London.

Due to the explosive introduction of electric buses, fuel demand has been declining in the world. The graph below shows cumulative graphs of gasoline (black) and light oil (pink and blue) where demand is lost due to the spread of EV, but since the around 2014 the decrease in light oil for the bus is another You can see that it is growing bigger than before.

According to the estimate, it is said that 500 barrels per day (about 82,000 liters) of light oil is no longer needed for every 1000 electric buses. In forecasts, the amount of fossil fuels that are no longer needed at the end of 2018 will increase by 37% from 2017, which is expected to reach 279,000 barrels, which is due to Greece's annual fossil fuel consumption It corresponds. Among them, diesel fuel for buses accounts for approximately 233,000 barrels, accounting for 84% of the total.

The electric bus produced by BYD occupies the majority of electric buses running in the southern city of China / Shenzhen. BYD, which delivered the first electric bus in 2011, continues to send electric buses one after another, and as of December 2017 about 14,000 of the 16,359 electric buses running in Shenzhen are BYD It is said to be a vehicle made by. BYD has produced 35,000 electric buses so far and is ready to produce 15,000 electric buses per year now.

According to the estimate by BYD, the electric bus that the company has delivered so far has accumulated a total of 1.7 billion kilometers and has been able to save 6.8 billion liters of fuel. Mr. Ho of BYD said that 18 million tons of carbon dioxide gas is being reduced by the electric bus made by BYD, which is equivalent to 3.8 million automobilesTo be convertedIt is amount.

Although it is a good thing that the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and environmental pollutants has been reduced by the spread of electric buses, on the other hand, in order to supplement the decrease in oil, It goes without saying that it is necessary to think in total about what is being produced and which size of greenhouse gas has been discharged for that reason. Electric power to run a large amount of electric buses needs to be produced at the power plant, but if the consumption of petroleum, natural gas, coal etc. is increasing to meet the increased power demand, its effect is limited .

However, unlike petroleum, electricity is renewable energy such as solar power generation and wind power generation, and there is the merit that it can be created with less load on the environment. In the future, as the spread of electric buses spread, and more power is produced by a renewable power generation method, it seems that popularization of electric buses will bring good results in a real sense.

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