What is the difference between hand drawing and digital drawing? Director Iei Yasuhiro of "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" and "Burning table tennis daughter" draws while drawing

ACTFIs an abbreviation for "Animation, Creative Technology Forum," and the Japan Animator & Directorate Association (JAniCA)Wacom Cintiq Pro 24"Wacom selling liquid crystal pen tablets such as"CLIP STUDIOIn cooperation with Celsis which provides a painting tool such as "We are doing efforts to sharing digital production technology in animation. Such an ACTFMachi ★ Assobi vol.20In the handwritten drawing and digital drawing held an event to unravel what is different and how it comes out.

ACTF Machiasobi business trip course - Machi ★ Assobee

Hideyuki Otsubo (Oku) of JAniCA is in charge of the host of the event, and the guest is "Burning table tennis girl"Or"Fullmetal alchemist FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST"Served as a directorYasuhiro IrieMr. (front).

Prior to the start of the event, Mr. Otsubo and Mr. Irie started the discussion in chat discussion, and as the adult male is drawing a feature as a question "Where is the part to pay attention to when drawing a character in animation?" It was easy, but the surprising answer surprisingly appeared that children became similar illustrations altogether and it was difficult to draw.

Such a chat time finishes, ACTF gore ★ Assobi business trip course started immediately. It is an hour-long event to talk about how digital drawing is used in the animation industry, digital advantages and disadvantages, etc. First of all, from a light topic "How about goblin a barbecued for the first time in six months?"

Irie, who came from Tokyo to Tokushima on an airplane at 13 o'clock and still did not do anything as much as we ate lunch. While talking briefly about your current situation and the rice you ate at lunch,Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16"I was drawing rice etc. appearing in the content talking with thruster. Truly an animator.

This time, Irie told about Mr. Irie about the difference between digital drawing and hand-drawn drawing from about drawing from pencil to digital drawing after this time. Mr. Irie seems to have joined an animation production company when he graduated from high school at the age of 18, he said he was doing hand-painted drawing using a pencil at the time, of course. Of course it seems that there are still cases using pencils even now, but recently the contents of work are "Storyboard"There are many things to draw" and it reveals that I draw more pictures in digital. Until "Burning table tennis daughter" served as director, Mr. Irie said that he was making hand-painted storyboards with paper and pencils.

The storyboard has frames and memo fields on A4 size paper. The format seems to be different depending on the animation production company, but the size of the paper is the same for A4. Even in theatrical version work, if it is the same 16: 9 animation as the TV series, it seems to use the same A4 size picture story paper. However,CinemascopeIn the case that the aspect ratio is different like that, it seems that there are cases in which a storyboard with a different format is prepared in some cases. Also, since the angle of view was 4: 3 in the past, it was said that one frame was vertically long and the memorandum section was large.

The storyboards created digitally will print out and submit it to each company's storyboard format when submitting it. There seems to be no difference in how to draw because the format is different. Also, when drawing a picture story, whether hand-drawn or digital, "There is no difference in doing". In addition, Irie said that the question "Are you more digital and hand-drawn on the spot?", Was answered that "I am completely digital, but there are still more people drawing on paper" .

It seems that the storyboard created by digital will print out, it seems that it will be about 120 JPEG images.

Next, talk about "When I was about to switch to digital drawing". If you draw hand-drawn drawings using paper and pencils, you may have problems with swapping the pen and the eraser, or removing debris when using the eraser. Besides, it seems that there are many waste that can be omitted owing to handwriting, such as when it is necessary to draw the same picture again when characters with nearly the same composition appear in successive frames. For example, if you use digital erasers, you will not get scum, you can copy and render expressions with the same composition and different facial expressions with the same composition, simply increasing efficiency.

As for the question "How much eraser rubber is used?" As Irie is a high pressure pen pressure, it consumed a large amount of erasers "as if it feels unnecessary to feel annoying" did. Also, in the case of hand-drawn, there seems to be a case where the work gets interrupted when taking it from the pencil to the eraser, but if it is digital, there is no need to change the pen and you can switch the pen and the eraser in a moment with a short cut etc. Therefore, it is possible to sustain concentration ability simply without interrupting work. The work volume per day is the same whether it is paper or digital, but it has revealed that the work efficiency has increased as a result of shifting to digital drawing and the working time has been shortened.

With hand-drawn drawing, it is decided which part of the paper to draw a picture. However, in the case of digital drawing, the screen can be enlarged, so even small pictures can be drawn firmly. Then, in the case of digital, how much drawing is done, Irie is "admitting that it can certainly be drawn as digital", but even if it draws into a small space how much it will fly because it is too small and becomes an original picture, a picture It is revealed that it will not be enlarged and drawn as the frame of the contest becomes full of the screen. Even if it is an original story as well as a storyboard, even if it is enlarged and enlarged in detail with the screen enlarged, it will not be able to draw a picture in detail, even if it does not draw up the picture, even if it is enlarged, if it is the actual size (A4 size paper ) It seems that it is made to make it to.

Subsequently, the question "Is it a quality improvement because it is a digital drawing, or is there a widening range of expression?" Mr. Irie stated that it is "to yourself," but in the storyboard, it is said that there will never be a difference in the quality whether it is digital or paper. Mr. Irie was plaguing his head and trying to raise a good point of hand-drawn drawing, but I also reveal that the digital drawing matches the skin as "honestly no more paper benefits come up".

In the production of 3DCG etc., there are multiple manuals etc. on the Internet, but does such a manual thing exist in digital drawing? Irie serves as a recommended textbook for digital drawing "Short animation making lecture ~ Yoshihira Shin works by CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO / EX"Was mentioned. Partially extracted and thin booklets are distributed to all participants for free, and the functions that can be used when making animations using CLIP STUDIO PAINT are introduced in detail. This booklet is "what an animator can draw for animation producers" and it was said to be the best manual for learning how animators use digital tools.

Other, about how to draw a picture, animation private private schoolMuroiThinking that 's Twitter was "easy to understand".

Subsequently, because the illustration is a picture of the picture somehow the good or bad is easy to understand, Mr. Otsubo spills with Mr. Otsubo saying that it is difficult to criticize the movement as good because the animation is movement. For this, Mr. Irie also said that "it is difficult to make a language," while teaching that there is something called "a pleasant move" as an expression often said within the industry. And how to learn that "pleasant movement" is that in the past work, for example, referring to "correction of movements made from drawing director" etc., it says in the work "I do not have to do something like this" He told me that he remembered while absorbing know-how.

Furthermore, about "pleasant movement" absorbed in one work, does not the "definition of pleasant movement" change as the work changes or the expression method changes? The question comes out. Although it seems that "Definition of pleasant movements" seems to change greatly depending on the direction where the director performs certainly when listening from the edge, Mr. Irie answers "No" clearly, I decided the movements by the body For example, it is said that "Definition of pleasant movements" is basically common to all scenes so that movement does not change much even if the head and body change.

Since "pleasant movement" that I learned and remembered means that I can do other works as well, it is important to keep my own things so that I do not forget the movements I felt were interesting. Mr. Otsubo who heard this story said, "When Irie's story is heard, it is often said that digital drawing is only one of tools for making drawings." It is like Mr. Irie's stance that the quality of work does not rise dramatically by shifting to digital, and that it is digital that you can demonstrate your ability as an animator most efficiently.

However, depending on the person, there are also hand-drawn artists who are grasping to the part where "H pencil is subtle and HB is a good hand movement, it will be pleasant". In the case of a person who has collapsed to the part such as "movement of this hand when drawing like this", "entry and exclusion of a line ...", in the digital drawing, it may feel a sense of incompatibility in drawing in any way Therefore, for the moment it may be very severe to force "drawing with digital".

In the current animation industry, there are few cases that require unique texture of lines etc at the original picture level than before. In the past it seemed that it was work of the original picture including such nuances, and there seems to be a case that "the nuance of the shading of the line is different and redrawing because it is different". There seems to be some people who still keeps on such parts, but it is definitely getting less.

In the case of Mr. Irie, recent work seems to be to draw a storyboard exclusively. Because the work of creating a storyboard as "movement" or "rough movement" is a work, there are few delicate tasks such as subtle nuances of lines to be requested than other works such as original images In other words, it is said that "it is easy to introduce digital as a storyboard is a rough job".

As for the future about the animation industry and digital drawing, Mr. Irie seems to believe that digital drawing and hand-drawn drawing will become bipolar in the future, so hand-painted "pencil taste" remains as an expression method It seems to think that it will go. It is said that if we are going to polarize it into the wind called "animation leaving the pencil's goodness" and "animation saving digital waste".

Also, Nintendo 3DS "Moving Notepad 3D"As a result of the appearance of soft paragraph cartoons and other easy-to-use software, animation production has become more interesting than ever, so people who make animation using software like CLIP STUDIO also It is pointed out that it may increase. Posting with CLIP STUDIO drawing animation for 1 or 2 seconds, because it is relatively easy at the time of article creation, it is said that you want to enjoy and challenge.

In response to the question "Last Animation Recommended to Study Movement of Animation etc" that was cast from the last visitor, Mr. Irie published "Prince of EgyptSo, if you would like to learn "a pleasant movement" please check it.

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