Using an application "Animation Mirai Plus" that allows you to study drawing anytime anywhere by freely moving the original animation cartoon with smartphone Event description

"Young animator training project" Animation Mirai "is one of the works of Anime Mirai 2012"Forgive meAn application that can be viewed on the screen of a smartphone or tablet "Anime Mirai Plus"Has been released. The application can easily check the basic "movement" of animation easily anywhere and anytime, it sees a scene you want to see over and over again, so it sees a glimpse of "study of drawing" and "how anime is made" It is a perfect app for.

I tried to make an iPad application using animation Mirai "Waste Nambo" - Machi ★ Assobie

Also gore ★ Assoby which is held twice a year in May and October every yearHolding in October 2015I came to the 15th time. Anime Mirai who has been doing a reporting meeting and a talk event so far in such a gore ★ assobi, this time was unusual "Cultural Agency entrusted business" Heisei 20 year media art collaboration promotion project "animation Mirai" "I tried to make an iPad application" was held at UFO Table Cinema.

The event venue looks something like this, besides slides, something like questionnaire and misinformation are distributed to each seat.

The identity of something like that is kore. Although it is written as "Animation drawing material", I can understand what this is by seeing it by turning the inside.

A movie that I tried to flip things like actually mysterious stuff like that can be seen from the following.

Parapara - like YouTube delicious stuff distributed in the event of "Anime Mirai Plus"

The identity of this was the original flip-flops of "Forgive Thimp" as a flip book. It is likely to become a fun gift for those who are looking closely at animation movements and those who are studying drawing with an aspiring desire to animate, since they can not be said to be just a flip flop cartoon. Actually this is a clip made with "Action" and "Running" cut in the application "Animation Mirai Plus" as a flip book. It was prepared as participants could see the movement of the original picture even if they did not install the application at the venue.

What I can see with this misunderstanding is only the cutting of "running" and "action" in the drawing of "Forgiveness" Why "running" and "action" is because these are the basic movements of animation drawing. However, there are many other basic movements in animation drawing, so I put them together in one application and made it easy to study painting anytime anywhere is the application "Anime Mirai Plus" is.

The application has already been published on the App Store, and it corresponds to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 7.1 or later.

Anime Mirai Plus on the App Store

In the application, in addition to "running" and "action" that were in mind, seven movements in all, "walking" "effect" "daily play" "spinning / emotional play" "animals / mechanics / props" Cut) can be seen at will freely.

The screen of the application looks something like this, and the drawing has been drawn on the layout.

Swipe to the right with your finger on the screen ......

It is possible to advance drawing as if turning flip cartoons. Swiping left and right allows you to move forward or backward, so you can check how exactly what you care about is what you care about.

Furthermore, you can check "What is the time sheet?", Erase the layout, see the line shoot, it is just the application that is perfect for learning the basic movement of animation .

So, using the iPad prepared for the venue and the iOS device of the participant, I am experiencing the application at once.

Next, there is a time that can not be experienced in other ways, such as circulating the real things such as the layout, the original picture, the animation, the timesheet, etc. displayed on the application to the visitors and actually seeing the drawing in the application by hand start.

It is these four that visitors were able to actually see in hand for hands.

Time sheet


Original picture


Although I can understand its amazingness simply by looking at the original picture and layout, the timesheet was a chicken kanpan without knowing how to read it.

After that, cut motion is animator · director'sHiroko MakiiExplained explanation. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Michii is a person who has planned and developed the application "Animation Mirai Plus", and he is a person who has engaged in drawing, directing and writing scripts of over 200 animations in the past. "Eureka Seven AO - Jungfrau's flowers -He also serves as a director.

For example, while playing cuts, what kind of correction instructions were issued from the drawing director and the direction, and actually checked how the movement changed after the correction was done with the movie by others.

Although instructions of movement are written in the picture storyboard and layout, I felt it was a very difficult task to take away the intention of movement from only two or three words to reflect on the actual picture. In addition, even in cuts in the application, comments from the original man are written in the layout, so when you look at those parts, it is interesting to see the drawing from a different point of view.

In addition, the application "Animation Mirai Plus" is planning to respond to iPad Pro's pen input in future. As for the Android version application, it seems that release is currently "difficult" because the screen ratio of Android terminal is uneven.

The reason for the development of the application is that it is happening at the anime scene, "Because the staff are busy schedule, it is hesitant to tell you one by one" or "Since the production period is short and the staff is fluent, It seems that I wanted to eliminate the mismatch problem such as "I wanted to create a library that you can easily learn anytime, anywhere, so that you can adapt to the latest learning style.

In addition, Mr. Mitsui's know-how, which is an animator playing an active part in the front line, such as a method of giving meaning to movement and a method of giving a speed feeling, is performed one after another and not only explained by words but also a movie As we did a comparison before and after the correction, it was contents that felt that the impression of the whole changed with glare with a little correction.

And the question corner started from here. The first question is "Do you see the types of original drawings that can be referenced in the future?" Currently it is only seven cuts of "forgiveness", but it is planned to increase to 72 cuts by GW, and in the future the full version (including 72 cuts) including "Little Witch Accademia" will be charged as 3,000 yen Price) to be released.

Next, the question "What is the meaning of the difference in the color of the paper?" Of the original picture and movie that came to hand. When I look at the paper surely, various colors of paper such as white and yellow, blue and red are mixed.

The thing which the original drawing drew is white, and it seems that the color of paper is decided for each job title such as drawing director, directing, director. On this colored paper, for example, it seems that correction instructions on posing from drawing director are written.

Furthermore, "Although it is obvious to the lay person that the movement is obviously better when comparing the movements before and after the correction, how do you make a decision to improve the movement? Approach using a computer Do you have a question? " In the case of video, there seems to be an approach using Big Data, but if you adopt such a method, it seems that it will be a lie-like movement in the contrary, after all the correction judgment seems to depend largely on the intuition and experience of the animator. Even though it is absolutely necessary to see the corrective work that will become a repetition of trial & error, even if you can see it well on the spot it actually sometimes .... So, the animator thinks that everyone is doing some kind of work such as grinding their feelings with what seems to be "good" for the general public, says Mr. Makai.

The next question is "Which is better for all original and movies to go in?" The person who asked me wanted to see the thing of the whole original picture, but in the case of the movement "running" for exampleModerateIt seems to be roughly determined. Of course, there are also individual differences among people, and in some cases it seems that there are cuts of all original drawings daringly. Also, even in the action scenes etc., since the image of the inside has only the person of the original picture, it seems that there are times when it becomes all the original picture. In addition, there are others who put out Atari and issue instructions ("c271" 42 ") such as" Draw here! "

Next is "Although the movement of" running "in middle division is common, I think there are characters of various personality, but is it still common?" In response to this, when considering the number of human bones and the structure of the human body, there is a common point in the movement, and the answer that the individual difference becomes the range of the error. However, since that is boring, it seems that there is a case that the movement of the character is characterized on the production side by each work. However, it seems that it is unclear whether all of those ingenuity is firmly conveyed to viewers.

In addition, "I like the forbidden Zushi Ruki, but what is the idea of ​​the lively expression of the character?" For example, I do not dare to stop moving with the "run" cut seen in the application, so that the characters and their minds and personality are well understood. It may be interesting if you try installing the application and checking it because there are things of such nuance remaining in the comment written in the layout etc., too.

In the future, similar workshops are planned to be held in some areas of the whole country, so those who are interested in drawing are necessary checks.

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