"Animation Mirai 2014" Animator, Director, Producer Growth Growth completed preliminary show preview

Young animator training project of Agency for Cultural Affairs that is being conducted to promote overseas Japanese culture, animationAnime Mirai". This time we celebrated the 4th time, 4 studios including Ultra Super Pictures, A - 1 Pictures, Shin - Ei animation, STUDIO 4 ° C participated, training of a total of 26 young animators was done. On February 17 (Monday), a preview show of the work was held in Tokyo.

Animation Mirai [animemirai]

Participating works are Ultra Super Pictures "Almoni", A-1 Pictures "Big 1st and 2nd Grade", Shin Yay movies "Paor Mirror Island", STUDIO 4 ° C "Kurosu - Kuronos -" In October 2013Key visuals and staff information releasedIt is being done.

Also you can see the first of the theater trailer on YouTube.

Animation Mirai 2014 Theater Notice (1st bullet) - YouTube

It was the announcer of Nippon Broadcasting Broadcasting SystemYoshida NaotohiMr.

The screening session began with a greeting by Mr. Kawabata of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Mr. Kazuaki Kawabata, Director of Cultural Affairs Department,
I thank the related companies that completed the work in a short time of about 6 months. This project is a project to create young artists to produce original works, and to train young animators on the field, this year will be the fourth time. Twenty-six youngsters participated in 4 works this time. It seems that young people were able to receive guidance in such a wonderful environment that they have never experienced before, and it was a good opportunity to learn the skills of their seniors. I would like to make use of the results of this time in further activities. Also, I would like to ask for your continued support in developing young animators.

Following is an acknowledgment by JAniCA Director Inoue.

Mr. Toshiyuki Inoue, President, JAniCA (Japan Animator / Director of Association)
The animation industry has been trained to train manga artists for the long time that animators are growing up without permission. There was a call to raise up whether the training of the original man from inside and outside was not going well, and this kind of project began. Initially, at the beginning of the project, it was said that original masters would not be raised by merely making four shorts at each company, but by continuing for four years and participating in the animator training project, it is said that training I was forced to think about what it was. As the number of participants increases, I think that there is growing momentum to think about what grows animators. I think that it is meaningful to continue the business, so I would like to thank the Agency for Cultural Affairs to borrow this place and appreciate it. Also, all of the staff who struggled for almost half a year against this work, thank you for your hard work. I am also looking forward to seeing the work from now on.

Following this, greetings by producers and directors of each work were held.

Ultra Super Pictures Ryosuke Inagaki Producer:
I am grateful to all the staff who worked with everyone who gave me valuable opportunities to have successfully completed. Thank you very much. Since the story is content that is good at director Yoshiura, I think that it is something that I am obediently enjoyed. Thank you "Armoni".

Yoshiura Yasuhiro Director:
It was a valuable experience not only for freshmen animators, but also for directors, to be able to make works at the scene where you can speak directly to the animator people. Thank you for this opportunity.

Inagaki Producer (center left side), Yoshiura coach (center right side)

A-1 Pictures Osaki Makoto Producer:
This time, we have imaged the work of Kazushigi's Furuda Asuka with the addition of Watanabe's taste. In the animation industry there are many works that cater to the needs of customers, not only works for adults to enjoy but also more animation that children and family members can enjoy while watching as children I thought that it might be okay to apply and applied. Everyone was enthusiastic and I think that the animator who is sleeping with the pencil in it was feeling like I wondered when I was going home when I finally got home, I think that he worked hard and persevered. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create our work from among many entries.

Watanabe Ayumi Director:
...... That's why it is a work that such a person planned. Please enjoy it by all means.

Osaki Producer (left), Watanabe Director (right)

Shin-Eye Movie Okada Maiko Producer:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a year since I thought about applying for this project. I think that the work of the system of a rookie supervisor, a rookie painting director, a rookie producer was chosen well. I thank you for taking the challenge of ours. It may be thought that it is not "doing new things because it is a long-established store" in a company which mainly focuses on family oriented works such as "Doraemon" and "Crayon Shinchan" when it refers to Shin-Ei movies. However, I think that you understand that it is a company that challenges new things in this project. "Parol", please enjoy it.

Imai Kazuaki Director:
Half a year since I started from scratch, I finally came here. I was thinking that this work was blessed with the staff from the time of production. Is it my beginner's rack as a rookie manager? I thought, but now, I think that the main character of this story, Parol, Szez, Ricott, had the charm and luck attracting people. Anime is not only painting, it is a comprehensive entertainment which can not be done even if one missing one, background, finish, shooting, editing, music, sound effect, cast. That's why it's tough, that's why it's funny. It is exactly what I wanted to tell to young people through the plan of Animation Mirai, but I think that I was the most realized. I was happy that I was able to join such people with the first director's job and I think that not only young people but also I have studied. Thank you very much.

Okada Producer (left), Imai Director (right)

STUDIO 4 ° C Eko Tanaka Producer:
STUDIO 4 ° C was blessed with director Takayuki Onda, who challenged making works from interviewing the director to make things he wanted to make. In this time, emphasis is placed on nurturing youngsters, and there is the impression that "I brought up really well". I think that the picture came back from the operation, I drew it again, returned, and I did it carefully. A total of 399 cuts, more than 12,000 sheets ... ... I had good study. I talked with the director that this was not raised unless it was "training project".

Naoki Onda Director:
Anyway, everyone, thanks for your hard work. I think that I was the one I grew the most time this time. It is my first time to realize that I have to talk with people and make various things. I am the oldest and not at all a rookie in the team, but I studied. It is a word of gratitude.

Tanaka Producer:
Actually, I was here as president, real, I was in charge of this work is this producer, Yonomori.

Hiroto YOMORI Producer:
Although it was the "Young Animator Development Project", I also participated for the first time as a producer so far, I would like to have a wonderful experience and I think that I learned various things along with the young animator. I appreciate having a wonderful opportunity. Everyone, thank you.

Tanaka Producer (left), Director Onda (center), Yonemori Producer (right)

After that, screenings of 4 works were done. Between March 1 (Sat) and March 14 (Fri), TOHO Cinemas Roppongi and other 13 theaters nationwide are scheduled to be released, and Every Mainichi Broadcasting (MBS) and Yomiuri Television (ytv ) Is also planned for television.

In addition, since the animation Mirai information is posted on one page by Weekly Shonen Jump released on February 17, and information is scheduled to come out in various places too, those who are interested check the official website Please keep it.

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