The CIA is considering replacing part of the spy activity with AI

An intelligence agent (spy) who quietly sneaks into the partner country, obtains the information of the center and tells it to his home country is currently scattered around the world at this moment. One of the most important matters for spies is "that the identity is not balanced", but that "identity" is about to become "artificial intelligence (AI)" instead of a certain person in the future.

CIA plans to replace spies with AI

Mr. Dawn Meyericks, the technical development officer of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who was at the Symposium on Intelligence-related symposium held in Florida "2018 GEOINT" said that the CIA's "Spy" I mentioned to the audience the future prospect that machines and other machines will be the main, not the base. Mr. Mayerick has said that there are already many countries in the world that have already done such intelligence activities and rely on a considerable part, and human spies do not underwater activities in the same way as before I am clarifying that it is getting harder to do.

Spies such as "James Bond" and "Ethan Hunt" are becoming obsolete, but the CIA is not getting into the situation. From the traditional way of gathering information by sending spies to countries around the world, the CIA is undertaking technological development under the water to carry out the same activities more efficiently on computers.

Besides, it has not started suddenly in the past few years. For more than 30 years, CIA has been focusing on intelligent activity technology using computers. The 1984 internal memo to the Director General of CIA and the AI ​​Steering Group, which has been declassified by the Information Disclosure Act, includes natural language processing using AI, interface of information database, image recognition, signal interception, geography and spatial data management, intelligence It is written that we are beginning to get a fruit, such as building the environment of the workstation.


Since the 1980s when the performance of the computer has not been so high yet, the CIA is developing the intelligence technology using AI, and it is a content that can be said to have gradually started to output results, In modern times connected from there further technology is advanced. Even if a spy falses identity with a forged document and deceives the other person with fake information tailored well, it is not possible to deceive the monitoring system which can analyze surveillance cameras in town and identify their identities in a moment It is not easy.

According to Mr. Ricks, there are already countries that have introduced spy defense systems using overseas surveillance cameras in more than 30 countries around the world. In this way, the intelligence activities that human spies mislead into society will be largely restricted, and in the future it will further accelerate information fighting in the electronic space.

ByFranck Michel

Then you can easily imagine that a system will be created that detects the AI ​​spy, guides it, guides it, gets fake information, gets information of the activity source, and makes a return. The world of intelligence technology in which technology development is advanced on a day-to-day basis may not be significantly different from spy activity by humans.

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