Using the anonymous communication system "Tor" or encrypted mail raises the possibility of holding data in NSA


An anonymous communication system that allows you to view the web without knowing the IP address from which the individual is identifiedTorThe way to connect to the Internet via encryption and send and receive mail by encryption is used as a preventive line to prevent the leakage of personal information, but the British national newspaperThe GuardianMade publicNSA (National Security Agency)According to the top secret data of Tor, if Tor or encrypted e-mail is used, there is a possibility that the possibility of holding data in NSA will be higher than if not using it. NSA is Google, Apple, Yahoo! · Directly access servers of Internet related companies such as Facebook · Microsoft and collect informationConfidential project called "PRISM"It seems that they are only discovering that they operate and they will also gather criticism from users.

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Secret material of NSA published by The GuardianMinimization Procedures Used by the National Security Agency in Connection with Acquisitions of Foreign Intelligence", It is stated that NSA has the right to retain even when collecting and collecting data such as connection to the Internet via Tor and data of encrypted mail exchanged in the United States, etc. by mistake It was. In addition, personal information on American citizens collected through external intelligence activities is written as "It must be destroyed or destroyed", while it is stated that "it can be retained".

ByMichael Kenny

In the top secret material, it is stated that if collected information is from individuals in the United States, it is stated that data collection should be stopped immediately, while there is a loophole for NSA to keep collected data It was also implicitly shown.

For example, the NSA does not treat people whose position information is unclear as Americans, that is, that person becomes subject to NSA information gathering. Even if it turns out later that the person is staying in the United States, it seems that there is a possibility that discarding already collected data will be put on hold for various reasons.

ByJack Keene

There are information that is encrypted and information which is judged highly likely to contain confidential information as an object to hold the collected data. Also, if the collected information includes evidence of crime etc., the NSA will be able to hold the data.

At the end of the secret material released by Guardian is signature of Erik Holder US Attorney General, it can be seen that the document is not fake.

That is, when connecting to the Internet via Tor or encrypting and sending mail, the NSA can not know the location information because the IP address is not disclosed, it is judged that it is not in the US and data is collected and retained It means that there is a possibility that it will be done.

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