Danbo collaboration mobile battery "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version" photo review

Monthly comic Dengeki DaiohManga in serial series "Yotsubato!Appears inDanboAnd mobile battery "The first cheero Power Plus"Collaborated"Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version"Has arrived. Since the original Yotsuba Studio is handling not only the design of the main body but also the design of the package, it is said that it is able to faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of the rustic Dan Bow, so please immediately open out and confirm what kind of design is finished Saw.

Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version | Danbo design, large capacity mobile battery for smart tablet

This is cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version. The package also reproduces the texture of Danbo and you can see firmly the commitment of the planner.

On the back side of the package, the intended use is described.

The capacity is quite large, 10400 mAh, it is possible to charge the iPhone 5 times. The size of the main body is 117 mm × 74 mm × 23 mm, the weight is 258 g, the number of times of use is about 500 times. Compatible models are iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 · iPod · iPad · iPad 2 · New iPad · iPad mini, MicroUSB compatible smartphone, Wi-Fi router.

I will open it quickly and check the contents.

When opening the package, a dedicated porch designed with a face of Danbo, a cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version, a USB - MicroUSB cable, and an instruction manual were included.

Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version is like this, the simple color of Dumbo, simple design is exquisitely reproduced.

On the right side of the main unit, check the 1A and 2A USB ports and MicroUSB port.

On the back of the main unit are danbo's face, cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version specs etc. are drawn.

Compared to iPhone 5, the width is slightly shorter than iPhone 5.

The height is about 3 times that of the iPhone 5.

A dedicated pouch employs hemp for the material and reproduces the rustic natural color of Dumbo.

Charging is possible by connecting the main body to a PC with a USB - MicroUSB cable.

Also, if you connect the main unit with a USB-MicroUSB cable to a USB adapter, you can also charge from a household outlet.

To charge the device, connect the device with the USB-MicroUSB cable and press the button on the upper right corner of Dan Bo to start charging. The indicator flashes for a few seconds at the start of charging. The color of the LED of the indicator has repeated coloring many times so as not to break the view of the world of Dan Baud.

Wi-Fi router can also be charged.

IPhone 5 can also be charged using Lightning connector.

Like the iPhone 5, iPad (4 th generation) was able to charge.

Put the main body and USB - MicroUSB cable in a special pouch and look ......

Both of them fell in. It seems that it will not get in the way even if it is carried in a bag and carried.

The selling price on the official website is 3750 yen, but it is currently being sold out and arrival is being adjusted.

On the official website, due to more than anticipated sales volume, we apologize for the fact that production is not catching up, and additional production of 50,000 units in July is announced. People who could not purchase this time will be able to get it around July 2013.

Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version Apology regarding sales

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