3D printer technology capable of printing electronic circuits on the skin emerged, enabling soldier strengthening on the battlefield

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a 3D printer technology that can print electronic circuits directly on the skin. Application of this technology to military technologies such as attaching chemical sensors to soldiers on the battlefield and attaching solar panels for recharging are being considered.

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3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin: Groundbreaking technology could help soldiers on the battlefield and people with skin disorders - ScienceDaily

You can check how to print the electronic circuit that lights the LED light on the skin with the following movie.

3D printing electronics on a moving hand - YouTube

At the University of Minnesota 3D printing technology capable of printing electronic circuits on the skin was developed. I actually try installing the LED light in my hand. First, place the LED light module on the back of your hand.

Next, place the 3D marker around the LED light as a guide to adjust the place where the circuit is installed.

With the LED light, marker installed, 3D scanning of the back of the hand.

First print the circuit with Layer 1. In conventional 3D printers, resins and metals were melted at high temperature, but since the newly developed silver flake containing paste has a relatively low melting point and hardens at room temperature, burns on the skin even after printing It does not occur.

In addition, the 3D printer has a function that detects the movement of the printing object in addition to the marker and can adjust the printing position accordingly. This makes it possible to print electronic circuits even in places where human hands can not be fixed.

The circuit was printed to surround the LED light.

Further, layer 2 which is a protective film of the circuit is printed.

Completed printing Layer 3. The circuit seems to be closed at the "→" part.

When bringing the coil for wireless power supply close to the back of the hand ......

LED light is on. I have successfully printed electronics on the back of my hands brilliantly.

According to Associate Professor Benjamin Meiho of the University of Minnesota who developed this 3D printing technology, 3D printers themselves can provide sufficient precision even if they are relatively inexpensive less than $ 400 (about 43,000 yen). It brings in a compact 3D printer to the battlefield, electronic devices such as chemical sensors can be printed according to the situation of the war, and if it is finished, the printed board can be washed off with water and easily peeled off. 3D printing technology of electronic circuits to the skin is expected not only for use as military technology but also for medical therapy such as monitoring of skin diseases.

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