Coating technology to be repaired automatically appears, screen protective cover is unnecessary


A research team at Eindhoven University of Technology developed a coating technology to automatically repair damaged surfaces. This content is a journal of materials scienceAdvanced Materials Volume 24, Issue 27It is published in.

Self-Replenishing Surfaces

Self-Replenishing Surfaces - Dikić - 2012 - Advanced Materials - Wiley Online Library

Scientists create self-healing protective coating, deliver killing blow to screen protectors | ExtremeTech

Coating technologies such as waterproofing and antibacterial are not rare, but coated items tend to be high, so there is a tendency to thin the coating as much as possible to reduce the price. Therefore, even a slight scratch will peel off.

This time, researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology developed a coating composed of three layers. The coating consists of a first layer that sprays water, a second layer of polymer that is a shaft (polymer), and a third layer that contains the active ingredient of the coating. When the first layer is scratched, the active ingredient automatically climbs up to the shaft part, performs self-repair, and puts the surface in the original state.

Whether or not this technology can be applied to other coating technologies is still unknown, but given that most coatings use polymers, we can expect to produce various kinds of self-healing coatings .

As far as the gadget is concerned, this self-healing coating is considered to replace the anti-fingerprint / dustproof protector currently available for smartphones and tablets.

Such a tragedy will eventually disappear ... ... maybe.

ByPatrick Hoesly

If further development progresses, cars will be OK without washing cars, airplanes are less likely to get dirty and air resistance can be reduced, ship's algae will not stick and water resistance will be reduced, contact lenses and glasses It is expected that automatic repair will be possible as well.

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