"Graph cleat" with graphene mixed in concrete has double strength and 4 times water resistance

by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

It is expected to be applied to various fields"Graphene" called a material of a dream, The technology to double the strength of concrete and quadruple the water resistance was developed.

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This is from the University of ExeterMonica · KlassieunIt was published as a scientific journal "Advanced Functional Materials" on April 23, 2018 by research results by Professors et al.

According to Kratyun and colleagues, the composite material "Graph Cleat" (graphene reinforced concrete) incorporating graphene in traditional concrete manufacturing method has doubled the strength and quadrupled water resistance compared to concrete.

Concrete is a building material widely used around the world, and methods of improvement have been considered here and there. In the past, studies using nanotechnology for concrete were the mainstream in order to change constituent elements, but professors Kratyun and his colleagues had mixed layered graphene in water.

As concrete produces greenhouse gases at the time of manufacture, if it can be replaced with graph cleat, it can reduce production volume and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, it seems that manufacturing can be done at relatively low cost.

byIgor Ovsyannykov

The problem comes from the fact that graphene is not a material that is widely distributed in general, and it is almost never going out from the laboratory, but Professor Kratyun is studying the business of graph graphite I am looking for collaborators.

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