Samsung succeeded in developing "graphene ball" battery with charging rate of 5 times

Samsung is 45% larger capacity than conventional lithium-ion battery, lithium-ion battery that can charge 5 times fastergraphene ball (graphene ball) battery"Was developed.

Graphene balls for lithium rechargeable batteries with fast charging and high volumetric energy densities | Nature Communications

Samsung Develops Battery Material with 5x Faster Charging Speed ​​- Samsung Global Newsroom

Lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones and electric vehicles require at least 1 hour to charge quickly, and there is a disadvantage that the limit is getting close to capacity rise. As a breakthrough to solve this shortcoming, a method of adopting carbon material graphene as a battery material has attracted attention, and Samsung has already developed a graphene-adopted battery.

Samsung succeeded in developing lithium battery adopting graphene with double battery density - GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) collaborated with a research team at Seoul National University to develop a method for generating graphene called "graphene ball" into a three-dimensional structure. By adopting graphene ball for the anode and the cathode, the battery capacity is 45% larger than the lithium ion battery, and it is possible to charge 5 times quickly. In addition, it is said that inexpensive silica (SiO 2) is used for graphene ball formation.

Dr. Song Inhyeok of SAIT said, "This research will enable us to produce graphene of multifunctional composite materials in large quantities at a low cost.With the rapidly growing demand for batteries such as mobile devices and electric vehicles, lithium ion We have succeeded in greatly improving the performance of the battery. "

SAIT got patented graphene balls in the US and Korea. We are clarifying the policy to further develop high performance secondary batteries.

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