"Jurassic World / Fire Kingdom" final trailer released, Chris Pratt challenges the unknown new dinosaur

A sequel to the panic adventure movie "Jurassic World" where dinosaurs appear, "Jurassic World / Kingdom of Flames"The final trailer has been released. The island where the dinosaurs live is in crisis due to the eruption and a rescue operation is planned, but another intention behind it was hidden behind it.

1st bullet trailer·2nd trailerBecause it is the contents which can understand the story to the part which has stepped on, please note that "I want to see a movie without knowing the story".

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Final Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Former dinosaur observer Owen and Cler of Jurassic World former operation manager who are in the same container as T - Rex 's huge dinosaur. Dinosaurs seem to be asleep, seems to be safe.

Dinosaurs moved their heads, Owen was completely hidden behind it. Owen to push up his arms "It's safe".

However, the eyes of the dinosaurs that were supposed to have been sleeping are opened perfectly ......

This time is a big pinch.

The "Jurassic World", which was used as a tourist resource by bringing back dinosaurs in modern science, was closed by the accident and the dinosaurs were living on Isla Nubaral Island where the world was as it was. However, due to the eruption on the island, the crisis was approaching to the dinosaurs.

Among the rescue candidates that remained until the end included Velokiraptor 's blue which saved the world' s crisis with Owen and others.

Because it is not easy to capture blue, Owen who took care of Raptor headed for the island.

Blue that appeared before Owen

Successfully "rescued" blue by somehow Owen's cooperation.

However, Claire resented as "everything was a lie."

Apparently the "rescue operation" seems to be only the face of the table to the last.

Owen who are investigating Velkiraptor. What does "it is not blue" mean ...?

In "Jurassic World", a form of genetics genetics Henry Wu who came up with "Minister of Strongest Rex" Indian minus based on Tyrannosaurus · Rex came glaringly.

In a dubious venue, dinosaurs that you can put in are displayed.

Owen's point of sight is ... ...

It was "the most dangerous creature on the earth".

Owen which opposes this "gold".

Moreover, the dinosaurs leave under the control of human ... ....

Blue showing attitude to fight again with Owen

Can we stop the disaster?

Dr. Ian McCam, a mathematician who survived from a tragedy at "Jurassic Park" that happened 22 years before the tragedy of "Jurassic World". I misunderstand "Welcome to Jurassic World".

Instead of breaking the window, how do you fight with dinosaurs that open up to dexterity with nails and create creeps?

"Jurassic World / Kingdom of Flames" is open to the public on Friday, July 13, 2018.

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