Movie "RAMPAGE" trailer 2, Dwaine Johnson and Gorilla fighting while fighting the town

A movie "RAMPAGE (Rampage)", a majestic scholar Dwyane Johnson confronts the enormous beasts destroying the cityThe second trailer 's trailer was released. It is a content that can felt a deep bond with Davies Ocoe played by Dwayne Johnson and George of the gorilla.


"It was when he was 2 years that I helped George."

"He is not just a friend but a family," said Davies.

But George, who appeared before Davies and others, bared their fangs and threaten them.

To the instruction that "Do not move your body" ...

"Is it insane?", One of the assistants ran away.

Davis breaks in between George and the fallen assistant.

George smiles with a smile. He was teasing the Davis.

This is the expression that Davis was also taken.

However, the assistant held his head and trembled.

"The newcomer is not laughing. You are crying."

George seemed to be sorry.

The problem was caused by flying objects that came from somewhere some evening.

When George touches a flying object, green smoke from inside ... ....

When Davis goes to see the situation, George 's body has changed huge compared to before.

"Why on earth what happened to my friends?"

To Davis' question, Dr. Caldwell returns "Are you familiar with genetic editing?" George's genes seem to have been altered by the influence of flying objects.

George jumping out of the zoo. Neither power nor instantaneous power is compared with just a gorilla.

Davis and others join us ... ...

Police officers armed from patrol cars and helicopters aim at George.

Agent Russell talks that George is necessary

The plane where Davis and Caldwell got on board is on the verge of falling and crashing. Why did such a thing happen ...?.

A mysterious antenna that starts after the name of "Rampage" which is also included in the title, and "The next chapter of natural selection," Project · Rampage "comes out.

A man who flies from the building by pushing it.

Although it looks like Musashi, it seems to be a wolf, and Davis murmurs that "Of course, the wolf fly".

Then attack without question.

The military will also move out, and the fight against big rampant giant creatures will spread ... ....

Davis will also fight at the forefront.

George to respond with a roar to the call of Davis "George, can you?"

The movie "RAMPAGE (Rampage)" is published in the United States on April 20, 2018. At the time of article creation, the timing of publication in Japan is undecided.

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