"Matrix" director's original original science fiction movie "Jupiter Ascending" trailer stuffs every action / mechanical element and it's powerful power

Born under the prophecy "to make a great thing", there is a girl Jupiter Jones who is placed in the middle of a cold reality that one day dreaming of becoming a star and continuing to clean the house of others Despite being killed by anyone who pretends to be a doctor or a nurse, the ridiculous unknown skill and fighting power of this robust and mysterious man destroy assassin in the blink of an eye and even kill the mysterious alien , And the stage from the earth to the universe. Jupiter himself inherits the Queen's genius which holds the fate of the whole universe and therefore knows that it is destined to be targeted from everything but as a former soldier who helped himself, genetic remodeling was done and a fearsome battle Cain which is powerful hunter protects herself and promises her loyalty, and finally ... ... It's finally a movie that has become a story of a feeling like the space opera itself of the Bari Bali royal roadJupiter AscendingThere's a powerful trailer on YouTube.

Jupiter Ascending - Official Trailer 2 [HD] - YouTube

Big city

Mysterious men

Obviously extraterrestrial civilization and technology

Catch Jupiter, genetic testing will be sure to be done something

After confirmation, a mysterious doctor who declares "kill her"

The insanely strong hunter who came to help there, Kane

Quickly knocked down and rescued

Somewhere under the blow

Huge spaceship

Witnesses a piece of power, those who swear allegiance

Such an enemy trying to eliminate because she is an obstacle

Clash and explosion of space ships

To the world where the human race still does not see

A plan to help Jupiter, a legitimate successor

Power to carry out the plan

Fight involves the whole universe, to an unimaginable scale

The director is "matrix" trilogyWachowski brothers brotherAlthough some people may think that "older sister and brother, brother and brother were not?", After doing the 2008 film "Speed ​​Racer" supervised sex-specific operation, Larry Wachowski Because it has become Lana Wachawsky from, it is correct with "siblings".

In the United States, it will be released on July 18. in JapanScheduled to fall in the fall of 2014 under the title of "Jupiter"And the official public release date is yet to be determined.

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