"Pacific · Rim Uprising" series strongest · overwhelming monster and new Jaeger fights spectacular The latest trailer released

In Japan, a movie released on April 13, 2018, a human being fighting a gigantic monster by "synchronizing" the giant robot and the nerve "Pacific / Rim Uprising"The latest trailer video of the movie has been released.

PACIFIC RIM UPRISING - Exclusive IMAX Trailer - YouTube

It was the base of Jaeger on the isolated island that came aboard the plane.

"I am not a hero like a father," said Jon Boyega, who plays the fins in Star Wars / Awakening of the Force, who plays the leading Jake Pento cost. I will be involved in this work not only as an actor but also as a producer.

Four bases of Jaeger are in battle at the base of the island.

Mori Mori riding a helicopter continues to play by Riko Kikuchi from the previous work.

Four jaegers will start moving out shouting "I will protect the earth!"

Apparently Jaeger, which is not likely to be on the side, will give a laser to the surface of the water ... ...

From there, hands like a monster emerge from there.

"I want you to help me to save the world!"

And Jaeger challenges the battle.

In the cockpit, two people who "synchronously drift" Jaeger and nerves breathe in and breathe a whip ......

Jaeger also attacks the monster with a whip of light.

Yeager returning from space to the Earth's atmosphere. The reason why I went to space once ... ...?

The scene which decides the turning kick from "triangle kick" using the building is also. Anyway, the continuity of powerful battle scenes.

It was a battle of Jaeger who seemed to be dominant, but a strong enemy appears here.

With a creepy blue glowing mouth and a huge fang extending from the mandibleHistory's Strongest MonsterAppeared.

Do not think looking at the situation that stands in front of the Jaegers ... ...

Jake who leaks as "this guy, decka".

When a huge monster turns his arms that emit blue light ... ...

Yeager, which is easily blown away. I feel the difference in power that is out of position.

It is a puzzle by a huge monster, a defensive fighting one Jaeger.

"How about Plan B, Plan B?"

A whip of blue light appeared here. Jaeger's counterattack starts.

"Beat it!"

The two pilots will make a whip and hit a huge monster.

However, Yega who was held by the whip and was swayed to be good for the monster. A battle will be held while destroying the city of Tokyo.

And, somehow scenes where Jaegers fight each other ... ....

"I only depend on my own power"

Beyond the girls see it ... ...

A huge monster creeps up.

The scene of the shock that the monster eats Jaeger's arm as well.

Even then, Jaeger and the gigantic monster will unfold.

When the two pilots change their arms ......

Jaeger's hand also changed, I got a new weapon of super strong electromagnetic force that gathers and throws out the garret.

"Pacific · Rim Uprising" which is likely to become full of powerful battle scenes will be released on March 23, 2018 in the United States.

The release date in Japan was also decided on April 13, 2018.

Movie "Pacific Rim: Uprising"

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