The super huge humanoid robot fighting against the huge monster, super powerful image full pack "Pacific · Rim" preview movie appearance, the last hope rises for the world's end to prevent it

Bizarre gigantic creatures called "Kaiju (Kaiju)" appeared one after another from the bottom of the ocean, humanity began fighting the survival of all life, but the intensity of Kaiju is overwhelming, usually It turned out that weapons were almost helpless and ineffective, but although they got opportunities for counterattacks by super mega-type battle weapons "Jaegers (Jaeger)" built after years of years, more powerful Kaiju became one after another Appearance, at that time it seemed that the whole world will end, finally the last hope of mankind will appear ... ... SF movie "Pacific Rim"WonderCon released version of the trailer appeared on YouTube.

Pacific Rim - Con Footage [HD] - YouTube

Pilot's foot parts fixed

Rotate connection and connect

Each part of the body is connected one after another ... ...


This is the cockpit part

Fall as it is at a tremendous speed

Merging with the body part

Confirmation of coalescence in the command room

The core at the center shines brightly ......

Headlight is lit

Jaeger sortie!

View from cockpit

While the heavy rain is coming, Yeager going forward with Zoo

In front of it is a city that is attacked by a monster and flames

Suddenly a monster jumps out of the sea and attacks Jaeger violently

Jaeger who shifts to a counterattack with haste although it was surprised

Momentum ......

At a tremendous speed steel fist is aligned towards monsters

Huge footprints of the monster

The appearance of the world changes completely

News program reporting the giant monstrous monster

Human beings are overrun by huge monsters which are too strong

However, it was not silent to accept the destruction and started the construction of Jaeger, the final weapon to fight back

Hope of mankind to be put into practical warfare at last


Jaeger's power is tremendous, celebrating the victory against the giant monster humanity

But ....

Raid of two animals at the same time

Jaeger collapsing in the land of the extreme north

The pilot is also full of creations and sticks

How will human beings reverse from here?

Director Guillermo del Toro has a great deep knowledge of Japanese animation, special effects, etc., so it is packed full of descriptions like that

Atsushi Ashida playing the girl era of heroine Mori Mako

Rinko Kikuchi who plays the figure after growth

A fierce battle with unknown monsters that appear one after another

Whether human race will perish or not

The chest is flared open, the emerging six-gate Cannon cannon

Jaeger wielding huge blades rotating with four arms

The battle with monsters escalates more and more loudly.

Finally, the monster that fly in the sky appears

Battle on orbit

Monster brawling with a much bigger arm than Jaeger

Decisive battle in the middle of the city

Susin and the dignified feelings

In addition, it was dragged down by a huge tanker

Lift up a huge tanker, sprinkle and give full power

There is a battle scene that will become more peculiar after this, there is value at first glance.

Also, I know that there are 5 bodies of super giant humanoid robot "Jaeger" at the present moment.

America's "Gypsy Danger"

Australia's "Striker · Eureka"

"Crimson · Typhoon" in China

Russian 'Cherno Alpha' characterized by huge hands

And, from Japan what is "Coyote · Tango" equipped with two super gigantic Cannon cannons

In addition, disclosure in the United States from July 12, the disclosure in Japan is from August 9, Friday 2013.

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