Battle scenes of super giant monster and super gigantic humanoid Robo are unprecedented Powerful sci-fi movie "Pacific Rim" main trailer Movie released

The first monster that came from the Pacific abyss attacks San Francisco, the second attack destroys the Philippine Manila, the third attack kills, the human race continues to attack monsters, never stops I realize that, as a monster to fight monsters, we face confrontation with giant human weapon "Jaeger" ... but with the announcement backed down, I fight against the gigantic monsters that attack one after another, even though I still wonder if this is a fight It is the main trailer of science fiction movie "Pacific Rim" that makes me show off.

Pacific Rim - Official Main Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Huge monster attack

Invasion from the abyss of the ocean, not from the alien

San Francisco is destroyed

Manila can also be done in no time

Mankind will only be kept overrun in front of huge monster

Huge humanoid decisive weapon developed for counterattack

A system that two people synchronize and fight at the same time

The girls' generation of Mori · Mako which is the heroine is played by Atsushi Ashida

Rinko Kikuchi who plays the figure after growth

Can human beings win against monsters?

Crimson · Typhoon developed out of China

The other side you see is Australia's "Striker · Eureka"

Unimaginable battle development

Defeat of mankind

Nevertheless, I will not give up, the battle that betting the existence of humanity with the huge monster will continue.

The huge monstrous monster

Steel fist shaken off over the monster's head

Battle at the sea

Dual sword state

Unknown attack released from a monster

In addition, although it does not appear in the movie, there are other scenes like the following.

Huge bones of the monster

Cities contaminated with excretions of monsters

Also, it is unknown whether it is in the play, but this is the skull of a monster

· Bonus

It's Pacific Rim "Atlantic Lim".

ATLANTIC RIM trailer - YouTube

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