How was Pacific Rim 's powerful battle in Hong Kong created?

Drawn a splendid battle of the super giant humanoid robot "Jaeger" and the huge monster "Kaiju"Pacific Rim"Is impressive enough that the overwhelming battle scenes brought to the back of the brain are overwhelming in various parts of the world no matter what. Among the many battle scenes, he was in charge of the visual effect of Pacific Rim on the scene in Hong Kong where the battle with two Category 4 monsters, the largest in the past, was deployedIndustrial Light & amp; Magic (ILM)However, I am disclosing how to shoot that surprise.

Behind the Magic: "Pacific Rim" Hong Kong Battle

"Almost all of the battle scenes in Hong Kong were created with CG, so the Hong Kong scene was a big challenge for us," explained David Fogler of ILM.

In Hong Kong created by 3D modeling Kaiju and America's Jaeger "Gypsy Danger" face each other.

Coloring from the innermost building towards you.

A skyscraper group in Hong Kong will be reproduced.

Add light emitted from the building.

When adding colors to Kaiju and gypsy danger and adding rain, Hong Kong completed with high-rise buildings.

Gypsy danger looking for Kaiju in Hong Kong.

Suddenly Kaiju comes out of the building and attacks the gypsy danger.

In this scene, to express that the building in front of the screen is destroyed and shattered,Lighting pipelineIt was said that it made up.

In the night scenery ......

Buildings created with CG will be added.

It is said that the buildings created by CG are finely reproduced up to the inside.

And then gypsy danger appears.

"I thought that the battle scene in Hong Kong was impossible thinking logically, as he decided to destroy many buildings while giving a realistic feel like a theater," said John Knoll, Vice Chief Operating Officer, VFX - Director Toro had said that, "he said.

Kaiju hits the building ......

In the scene where the building is destroyed rude, Guillermo del Toro 's big commitment is included.

Because it was raining in Hong Kong's battle scene, the splashed splashed splash in accordance with the movement of the gypsy danger has been reproduced.

In addition to splashing water, carefully create details such as dust rising by the movement of gypsy · danger.

Furthermore, as we process light, etc., the image with texture is completed.

The light that illuminates the gypsy danger is emitted from the colorful neon around the Hong Kong town.

This is a scene where gypsy · danger grasps container with right arm.

When it is colored it changes completely to different things.

A gypsy danger that hits Kaiju with a container that I grabbed.

In the movie, in a container held in both hands ......

Attack Kaiju in the face of the face.

It is like this before the attacked Kaiju is processed ......

If you add various elements such as scattering containers and splashing water, it will be reborn as a full-scale image.

Gypsy · Danger gets punched into the building in the movie ... ....

There was a scene that fists snuck into the building.

In this scene, I created a small miniature desk, chair, etc. and shot.

Assemble the set with the miniature you created.

I actually shoot the assembled set destroyed.

Capture captured images to PC ......

In addition, as you add detailed elements, the scene where the fist pushes through the building is completed.

It was said that the battle scene in Hong Kong almost all of which was created with CG was taken at the very last from its difficulty level. In addition, Director Guillermo del Toro is writing a script for Pacific Rim 2Interview with IGNIt seems that you expect to be able to enjoy the powerful image again.

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