Headline news on April 19, 2018

In the world ranking of badminton women's singles division announced by the World Badminton Federation on Thursday, April 19, 2018,Akane YamaguchiThe athlete achieved the first place as a Japanese girl for the first time. Yamaguchi is 20 years old from Katsuyama city, Fukui Prefecture.Kumamoto Chinshin Pharmaceutical badminton teamHe has won the fifth place in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, the Super Series Final's in 2017 victory, the All Japan General Championship in 2017, the Brussels Open in 2018 and the German Open victory in 2018.

Currently, Yamaguchi is participating in the national team camp and it is said that a meeting will not be held, the following comment was announced.

Please let me know your feelings now that it ranked first in the world rankings.

It is a pleasure to be able to achieve, as it is listed as one of the goals to be ranked 1st in the world. When I am not in the ranking update right after the tournament, I feel that I became the first place is also like me.

From when did you become conscious of 1st rank in the world?

Since I began to fight overseas, I was always conscious of the world ranking, but when I became the second place for the first time, I felt stronger I wanted to become first.

I think that I was aiming for the top rank in the world rank, but please tell me the thought.

When I first ranked in 2nd place and when I won the 2017 Super Series Finals, I felt it was very difficult for the point difference from the 1st place to be great and becoming the 1st in the world ranking However, I think that there were many games that I tried my best with this goal.

The world ranked number one that was a dream came true. What is your next goal?

Of course I'd like to challenge to continue the 1st place, but I am not too particular about it, I would like to enjoy my game as much as I can, as far as I can.

Toward the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2 Years.

First of all, I'd like to get stronger as a badminton player, to do what I should do and what I can do to gain the entry right. We will do our best to the utmost to be able to deliver a bright topic to everyone who has received support and cheers from us.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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After that, the male manager purchased two kitchen knives at a nearby home center, ambushed at the parking lot of the garbage truck, and hit a knife on the ground against the returning colleague and applied for a duel.
The male chief said that he was caught by a rushing official, "I thought that there was no choice but to fight in discussions," he said.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is visiting a vacation house in President Trump 's US in Florida, came on the second day of the Japan - US summit talks on the 18th (Japan time 19th). Mr. Trump sought to dissatisfy the trade imbalance with Japan strongly urged consultation of the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), and the Prime Minister also set up a new framework to negotiate trade issues between the two countries Agreed.

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As for the site of Manga village, when NHK asked several experts to analyze, a gimmick was given to the program, another site was standing up at the same time so that the viewer did not know on the surface, advertisement was posted in this I understood that it was.
Advertisements that were posted were those of major banks, life insurance companies, IT companies, game companies, real estate affiliates, etc. When accessing the site of the manga village, the advertisement of such another site not actually seeing is counted as "browsed", so to speak, it is "back advertisement".

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First of all, we will set up a work booth at Tamagui Sanno station and two stations in Kita-senju station on Chiyoda Line, and we will validate customer needs etc. by using it to customers from Friday, June 1.

Fuji Xerox and Tokyo Metro collaborate by promoting 'Working way reform' and start demonstration experiment providing office space exclusively for individuals in station building Fuji Xerox

Users check the location, facilities, reservation status of work booths through smartphones, personal computers, etc. and make a reservation. When using, you can use the booth by unlocking the key of the reserved work booth with a smartphone. Inside of the booth, there are desk, chair, charging facility, large display, as well as an environment that can use secure Wi-Fi.

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Ogawa New Age -
A memorable second Tokyo Olympic Games will be held 2020 -
It is a year that marks a major milestone for Japan in the 21st century.

To the Memorial Year, works that can be said to be the beginning of the very "Ogawa New Era" that draws the heroes with a new interpretation that is completely different from the traditional one, taking the first time in the great popular "Sengoku period" in 4 K It is 59 work "Kirin is coming".

"Kirin's coming" returns to the origin of the river drama, and the warriors of various places aim at the underworld, fighting the life and fighting over love, in the war of the fierce crown of the warring States early in the battle, as a beginner of the Sengoku Epic ".

Screenplay is original of Shunsuke Ikehata who worked on the 29th "Taiheiki".
As the river drama for the first time, Mr. Atsushi Mitsuhide will act as a protagonist for the first time, and light can be applied to the enigmatic former half of his life. The story began in the 1540s, when many British figures were still "pre-British", and I will carefully draw each birth.

Young Akechi Mitsuhide, Oda Nobunaga, Saito Daizo, Imagawa Yoshimoto, and Hideyoshi go around as the place narrows ... "Kirin comes" - It is the beginning of a new era of river dramas.

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