As an example of "monetizing love of fans", overseas game media raises Fate / Grand Order

TYPE-MOON's Fate series was a game for smartphones "Fate / Grand Order(FGO) "was released in Japan in 2015, but in the United States it just entered in June 2017 and is about to celebrate the first anniversary soon after release. From Sony's financial resultsIt is clear that they have made considerable sales in the countryHowever, Polygon of overseas game media reveals FGO with a unique expression that "We are making fans poisoned."

A huge free-to-play game makes fun of its addicted players, and they love it - Polygon

Just recently, the Wall Street Journal has released a movie introducing a man named "Daigo". This man is one of the FGO players living in Japan and is introduced as spending more than 7 million yen for in-game billing. Many people in FGO to get valuable rare charactersGachaAlthough they are not as big as Daigo, some of the core fans are spending billions of dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen) in games. It is thought that it is deeply involved in FGO that ceiling (setting to withdraw a hit with a certain probability) is not set for gacha to throw out such a large sum of money.

Meet the Man Who's Spent $ 70,000 Playing a Mobile Game - WSJ

Perhaps it seems like a nasty setting on the developer side if you are not playing the game, but in reality, rare characters for players in playing FGO are not "you have to get" So gacha is not mandatory.

However, if you are a fan, you want to advance the scenario of the game along with your favorite character appearing in the Fate series, so you will be handling nature and gacha. Especially the possibility of obtaining the servant (character) of the star 5 with high rare degree is very low, but the enthusiastic FGO players turn gacha many times. Polygon wrote this as "player's love".

The following movies are overseas versions of FGO PV.

Fate / Grand Order PV - YouTube

"The setting probability of Gacha is cruel, the price is high, items given from the operation are terrible," Polygon points out what FGO is doing "monetize the love of the fans" doing. There should be some people who are aware of that as well, but as Polygon wrote, there is a reality that "any game in Japan can not trash FGO from the top of the sales ranking".

This "monetization of love" crosses the ocean by releasing FGO in the United States, and even in the bulletin board site · Reddit etc., it was said that they could not get the target character for tens of thousands of yenreportIt is to be seen.

In the following movies, overseas FGO players have challenged Gacha to summon the high rare girugamesh, and they show how they are getting sunk.

The King of Heroes Gilgamesh Has Arrived - Fate / Grand Order Let's Play (kinda) # 4 - YouTube

Since FGO can raise the treasure level using the same servant, in the case of Mr. Daigo that appeared at the beginning, "It is about 250,000 yen used by 1 character". Polygon wrote in the whole FGO system "It is designed to be able to spend a lot of money, it is really cruel".

Although Daigo has succeeded as a stock trader, he is paying abundant funds into the game, but most players spend money that is not affordable, and furthermore, "it is hidden even to the possibility of being addicted There, "Polygon. While it continued turning gacha up to the maximum amount of credit card, after all it was not able to get the target characterTragedy playerThere is also.

What works for it is "existence of a copy of a malicious hero" which Polygon considers as "a special marketing strategy". This is the official manga's "I understand it with comics! Fate / Grand Order"It refers to the main character of the girl appearing in" Lyoyakuzo ", Polygon calls the lyose child as" sloppy, skewed, small monster with gambling poisoning ".

Originally, game support maga is expected to be a role of tutorial and game guide, but the lady childShow off a whole lot of gacha addictsOrsexual harassmentOrIntimidationYou do as much as you want to do.

I understand it with comics! Fate / Grand Order

However, fans favorably take care of this comic and the licking child. Polygon wrote, "It is evidence that FGO is not afraid of making Fate itself a laughable piece, because fans love metajokes." The popularity of the child who is ly and "Fate / Grand Order Understanding by Manga" has made a book,SequelYaSequel to the sequelAs far as to appear. Furthermore,NendoroidIt also fulfills recycling and costumes, and its popularity is exactly a surprise.

【Cosplay photo summary】 Cosplay & companion photo summary encountered at "AnimeJapan 2018" such as FGO cosplay of elusive quality and beautiful women companion who is too elf - Conclusion of GIGAZINE

Polygon is faithfully reproducing the character of a child who is lycing in manga when a lion's child's costume appeared in a real event, and that FGO fans enjoyed the appearance We are taking up.

For a player who has suffered a disastrous defeat in Gacha, a Lyon child who says "I have never drawn a star 5 servant" can be said to be close to him. Polygon described the child as "a monster, but she is a player itself" and said that it is "existence that shares joy and despair with players and expresses Gacha as a hell that can not escape And most importantly, the monster born of this pure desire (Lyoto Nakozuko) is the FGO player himself, and it is made up of an unstoppable desire to want high rare characters. " .

Then you know that "hell can not escape" Why do players turn gacha?

Polygon says one of the reasons, "If you can not get your favorite character, you feel sorry for being unable to pull it", feeling guilty and feeling guilty, you will have to turn it back, " It guesses and expresses Gacha with the word "inevitable and intentionally made hole of despair".

Another reason cited "gacha addiction and extreme fan spirit". In any case, Polygon is criticizing that the game system is built to target the weak parts of human beings, "We exploit human vulnerability".

Polygon, which calls FGO "The best case to discuss games that can be played free," would mean that game developers would put many players in an unhappy state if they designed games like FGO, Critical tone of the fact that it is clear that many players like. However, since I am letting a gay crying lazy child appear in official comic books, I rated FGO management as "at least an honest man."

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