A silver wrapper emerges from the game cassette 30 years ago, what on earth is it?

Retro game collector'sEmmett Turner, Overseas edition of Family Computer purchased at Flea Market in April 2018NESA mysterious silver wrapper was found out of the game cartridges for. The situation of disassembling the cartridge for NES game can be seen in the following movie.

Definitely NOT an April Fools joke! - YouTube

Turner, a retro game collector, bought two game cassettes at the flea market.

Why did you buy this, it seems to be because it is heavier than ordinary cassette and bothers me if I take it in my hand.

I purchased the NES version "golf& &RollerGames". Actually, Turner owns both legitimate ones. If you look closely, you can see that the color of the label affixed to the "RollerGames" cassette is different between what you bought at the flea market (bottom) and what Turner owns (top).

So, first we prepare a digital measuring instrument and weigh it.

The cassette of golf who bought at flea market is 153.9 g.

The cassette of golf owned by Turner is 99.9 g which is considerably lighter.

Next cassette of RollerGames purchased at flea market is 154.0 g.

The cassette of RollerGames owned by Turner was 104.0 g. Both cassettes purchased at flea market weigh 1.5 times.

Then disassemble the cassette. Remove the screws on the back of the cassette ......

You can find a silver wrapper from inside.

Turner is watching a silver wrapping with excitement, "Why is this!?", People who think that they live together also come and look at the packet.

I can find a packet in another cassette.

Turner tried to open the packet, the living person stopped it and the movie ended.

The following movie was released after that. From the first movie, "How the cartridge is opened", it shows the state of contacting the police after checking the contents of the silver wrapper, and the state until the police officer comes to Turner's house.

April, week 1 pick-ups ft. Drugs / police! - YouTube

The movie starts from where Turner shows his own retro game collection in various ways. The opening of the cassette of the first movie starts around 7 minutes and 44 seconds of the movie starts.

After the state of the first movie is finished, it seems to try opening the silver wrapper by moving outdoors.

A pattern to cut with a cutter.

Contents is like this. The person living with Turner shooting the movie seemed to be confused because "It is powder?" Could not be confirmed. In the caption of the movie, "Anonymous expert taught us that this is heroin" is displayed.

"Police said" composites ""

"The RollerGames cassette was intentionally remodeled"

If you look closely at the yellow frame ... ...

You can see that part of the board (upper right part) is missing.

This is the real substrate in the RollerGames cassette.

There is also a transparent bag in the silver wrapper.

It seems that the police are told that at the time of movie creation it is avoided to mention contents.

After that, the situation that the police actually comes to Turner 's house also flows.

In the past NES version golf cassette contained $ 5,000 (about 540,000 yen) of paper moneyA caseThere was also.

For overseas game mediaKotakuIt is written that "There was an innocent confusion at the drug dealer's house where the child had a golf cassette."

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