Approximately 1377 times the purchase price, unopened super-rare Famicom soft software adds more than $ 40,000

I sometimes listen to the story that it is more than expected ...... if I put something that has been saved in the warehouse to the auction, but sometimes I listened to the unopened Famicom software, about 1377 times the purchase price It seems that the high price of more than 40,000 dollars has arrived.

Details are as below.
FACTORY SEALED NEW NES NINTENDO STADIUM EVENTS NTSC - eBay (item 140384097750 end time Feb - 26 - 10 20: 10: 41 PST)

According to overseas major auction site "eBay", unopened goods of Bandai's "STADIUM EVENTS" Famicom software are bidding for $ 41,300 (about 368,000 yen). By the way, the price at the time of sale is 29.99 dollars (about 2700 yen), which is about 1377 times the price.

According to the following link, "STADIUM EVENTS" originally had a sales right by another trader, but after the circumstances such as the right shifted to Nintendo on the way, 200 marks did not remain in the market It seems that it is very rare that unopened items are considered because it is thought that it is not.

Rare Nintendo game is is $ 40,000 windfall - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games



Game content is like this. There are tournament mode and Olympic mode, it is a sports game where there are competitions such as 100 meters run.

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