Hollywood aims for Pokemon's right to make a movie from popularity of "Pokemon GO"

ByAlex Gilbert

Also in JapanIn a few daysIt is said that the service will start on the smartphone game that you can get Pokemon in the real world "Pokémon GO"is. There is a rumor that the Hollywood movie is paying attention to the same game which increased Nintendo's stock price by 25% in just a few days from the release.

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From the popularity of "Pokémon GO", what is aiming at making a feature animated feature film of the Pokémon series that has been doing for decades is the American film company that produced "Dark Knight" and "Pacific Rim"Legendary · Picturesis. The details are unknown at this time, but Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures entertainment are also participating in negotiations over the right to movie, besides Legendary Pictures, the most pressing in acquiring movie making rights among them It is believed that it is said to be Legendary Pictures.

There seems to be a lot of rumors about Pokemon movies so far, but if realized it will be the largest movie conversion right trading in the past as a movie in the gameDeadline. Also, in the script of the Hollywood version Pokemon movie, "Chronicle"Wrote the scriptMax · LandisIt seems that Mr. is rumored.

In addition, Legendary Pictures, which was acquired by a Chinese company in the beginning of 2016, then utilizes huge Chinese capital to create popular games ·Movie of WarcraftWe have succeeded.

On the other hand, Pokémon GO, which started service in the US, Australia and New Zealand, has caused various problems. Pokémon GO is a game played by the Pokemon that appeared in the real world, but its place of appearance varies, shops using Pokémon GO as an attractor have appeared such as "Pikachu comes out at this restaurant" It is. On the contrary, there are many places where more people than usual are in trouble because it is possible to get rare Pokemon and items that can be used in the game.

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The most popular example is the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, USA. The facilityThe Washington PostOn top of that we are issuing a statement that "visitors should leave Pokémon GO". Also, Mr. Andrew Hollinger of the facility commented that "playing games in the hotel, which is a museum about Nazi · German Holocaust, is not a proper act."

Overseas news mediaArs TechnicaAsked Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, "At the request of the museum, should you exclude the facility from the list?" I heard that I did not receive a reply to this question, but instead of NianticBug report pageIt seems that it was told that the link of the sent is sent and it can be reported as "inappropriate contents or contents".

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