The ultimate junk food "Fried Potato Cheese Burger" made a movie released

Hamburgers and fried potatoes are cited as the staple of junk food. However, people who are unsatisfactory with hamburgers are likely to choose cheeseburger with sliced ​​cheese. I have introduced a lot of unhealthy junk food recipes on YouTubeHellthyJunkFoodSo, "Why should we combine cheeseburger and fried potatoes?" As a concept, we are trying to make "fried potato cheese burger".


"You saw this movie, you may get hungry", says JP this time to challenge the creation of fried potato cheeseburger.

And Julia will also challenge.

Supporting JP and Julia is supported by the fast food store "Comfort Kitchen"Owner of Raleigh.

Both Julia and Raleigh are actually old friends.

Soon I will start cooking French fries cheeseburger. First peel the potatoes with a peeler ......

It cuts finely into a bite size.

Drain the cut potatoes in water and remove the starch. This process seems to be essential for making crispy fries.

While soaking the potatoes in water, we will make seasonings to season potatoes. The flavor of the fried potato used by Comfort Kitchen is finely chopped rosemary and sage, and salt, cornstarch, sugar and romano cheese. Once these materials are in the container ...

Mix firmly. JP is in charge of mixing.

Put potatoes soaked in water into a french fries potato basket ......

Deep fried with a fryer.

Potatoes are cut by hand and there is unevenness in size, so it is necessary to take out the potatoes from the fryer as appropriate and check the condition of the fire.

And the potato is completed.

Put fried potatoes in a mixer and make it finely.

Put a flavor in the finely chopped potatoes and mix it so that the flavor spreads throughout the potato.

Next is making a patty.

Patty of Comfort Kitchen is a blend of beef and bacon. In addition, beef uses brisket (breast meat) and short rib (rose meat).

Put patty on hamburger press and parchment paper on it ... ...

Press it and mold it into a hamburger shape.

And we grill the patties we made. Baking time is 3 minutes to 4 minutes on one side.

Then prepare the cheese. Prepare a lot of sliced ​​cheese piled up as follows.

Put potato and flavor into American No. 10 can ... ...

In order to make a dent that puts patty in the center, I make a potato wall on the side.

Pile up four in the middle dent in order of cheese, patty, cheese, patty, ......

Finally put the lid on the potato ... ...

Fried potato burger made is kore. Mr. JP said that he was heavily surprising.

Weighing about 2.4 kg.

As the final finishing, put this chunk into the flyer. However, the fried potato burger is too big to soak in oil.

Since it can not be helped, I will deep fried while rotating.

And it will be completed if the whole baking color is attached.

Here, Mr. JP notices that it is troublesome to make French fries from scratch.

So prepare frozen Crinkle cut french fries.

I will carve it finely.

We prepare the patty and cheese stacked in 4 stages using the surplus patty and cheese in the same way as before.

Flour all over ... ....

Pick it in eggs ......

I will cover the surroundings with the french fries.

To mold like a french fries potter burger, using wrap is effective.

After molding, put it in a spaghetti basket ......

I will put it in the flyer. As you put in a fryer normally, it is likely that the potato will float and the possibility of shape collapse is high, so it is recommended to fry while holding down with a thing like a lid until the shape stabilizes.

Baked fried potato cheese burger is this. It is gluten free and 2350 kcal.

The section looks like a hamburger covered with a hash potato, and appetite seems intriguing just by looks.

Taste immediately.

Julia says, "Blood pressure rises by 10, but this is a good way to rise," I am very satisfied with the taste.

And this is a fried potato cheeseburger that made french fries potato from scratch, even hard to calculate calories.

However, it seems that it is not delicious at all, as it was chilled for a long time in the freezer until the previous French fries cheese burger was completed. JP concluded that "storage in a freezer is not good."

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