Source code of "File Manager" used in Windows 3.x era will be released on Github

Microsoft introduced the "3.00 era of the 1990s"File ManagerOpen source, and released source code in Github. There are two kinds of published source code, one with minimal change and one improved with modern, and it can be executed on the latest Windows machine.

Microsoft open-sources original File Manager from the '90s so it can run on Windows 10 - The Verge

'90s kids rejoice! Microsoft releases the original Windows 3.0 File Manager source code | TechCrunch

The file manager is the software which began to be provided for Windows 3.0, and it becomes the source of the later "Explorer". Introducing a GUI (Graphic User Interface) that directly manipulates the icons, rather than previous MS-DOS command screens, makes it possible to intuitively perform operations such as copying, deleting, and searching for files It was.

The file manager causes multiple child windows to be displayed in one application window (parent window)MDI(Multiple Document Interface) concept, the child window was able to move only within the area of ​​the parent window. It is an application of the MDI method which almost disappears when entering the 2010s, but it was a commonly used interface in the early days of the Windows series.

The source code release this time, the original Microsoft staffCraig WittenbergIt is due to Mr., anyone can handle unlimited code free of chargeMIT licenseHas been set. Code can be obtained from the following link.

GitHub - Microsoft / winfile: Original Windows File Manager (winfile) with enhancements

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