It is stupid to push an iron plate into a cardboard with a press machine, but it is strange even an exhilarating movie

I will destroy it by any press machineHydraulic Press Channel (HPC)But, I released a movie that pushes the knife to the playing card and makes it fall apart. The sight of playing cards in the air has a fascinating effect of strangely "refreshing".

Splitting 20 Decks of Playing Cards with 4 Hydraulic Blades | in 4K! - YouTube

This time, it is cardament prey for HPC press machine.

Four piles of stacked cards were installed under the four thin iron plates.

Press start. Blades bite into the cards, the central part starts to be distorted ......

When dented into a dogleg character ... ...

At the next moment the playing cards began to splash in all directions.

A storm of cards completely. The laughter "HAHAHAHA !!!" echoes.

A trumpet cut into two pieces filled the floor.

Looking at slow motion ......

You can see how many trumps are scattered every few sheets.

It seems that playing cards with intense pressure are released when pressure is released and they are scattered.

Then, increase the iron plate to six ... ...

Cut a larger plastic card.

Cards to be pressed.

Blades bite into ... ...

The card was cut roughly without scattering.

Cut cards. The result seems to be disappointing.

Next, I tried putting the card directly on the press machine.

A mountain of cards that seemed crushed ... ...

When it exceeds the limit, it scatters at once.

It was pulverized in a moment.

Looking at the scattering situation from above is like this.

Looking at the surprising result with slow motion, after the card splashes as if peeling off from both sides ... ....

It scattered in pieces.

After that it pressed air only pressed.

Were not you satisfied even if crushing cards such as playing cards, HPC Rubik cube ... ....

Grinding. The speed of the scattering block is too fast so I do not know what happened.

Looking at the slow motion, when the iron pile bites into the cube, we found that each part was broken apart.

The last is a spring made of iron.

When coming up to where I can not shrink any more ...

Part of the coil has scattered and it has become dusky.

In the slow motion video, we saw the state of the iron ring flickering and falling apart.

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