When a candle with fire was crushed with a hydraulic press machine, things like unfamiliar creatures descended into this world

Human hairYaA bunch of cardsYou crush the press with a hydraulic press machine anything else and laugh Laughingly YouTube channelHydraulic Press ChannelHowever, I released a 4K movie which crushes a candle with a fire in turn. Normal pressureAbout 150 timesBy crushing at high pressure, the candle changed to an unexpected appearance.

Pressing Candles Through Small Holes with Hydraulic Press | in 4K - YouTube

The items of items crushed by this movie. It is hard to clutter and you can play sand indoorsKinetic SandAnd a doll whose body extends like a rubber manStretch · Armstrong, A gum tape, a mobile battery containing a lithium-ion battery, and three candles.

First of all, we started from Stretch Armstrong.

When pressed with an iron plate with a hole from the top ... ...

An unpleasant substance came out from the hole with a muzzle.

You can see that the skin color matter is the surface of the doll. One transparent substance is enclosed in the body of Stretch Armstrong, and its actual state is gelled corn syrup. It seems that it is considerably sticky, and it seems to be sticking firmly to the mold.

There is a face of stretch · Armstrong on the bottom of the press plate. Two people, "Stretch Armstrong became Donald Trump! Hahaha!" And Hydraulic Press Channel laughing with usual tone.

The next prey is Kinetic Sand. 98% of the ingredients are real sand, the remaining 2% is a toy that secret patented technology is used.

When I pressed under 150 bar (about 148 atm) pressure ......

I did not set it unexpectedly, and I was keeping the state of the sand of smoothness.

And the perfume appeared. Crush the three candles with fire.

Sure enough, when the press plate is pressed the fire has gone away ... ...

When pressure is applied as it is, the candle which became like a stick from the hole of the press plate is Nyokinogi.

It's like a mysterious creature that came from an unknown world. The cheers of "Ohhhhhhh !!!" are raised.

It has changed to a stick of wax whether it is 1 meter in length.

You can see other interesting contents in this movie. When crushing powder of flour ......

A great amount of water jetted. It seems that the moisture contained in the flour separated out by pressure and jumped out.

This is a lump of ice. Crush it with a press ......

It became a lump of ice of a different shape.

It seems that it was in a state like a single board as if it was this form from the beginning. "Ultrahigh pressure" is a world of 150 atmospheres that can not be called very much, yet unexpected changes appear in substances.

In the end, destruction of a lithium ion battery that I misunderstand in mind as "stop stopping" in spite.

When the press plate was pushed together with the operating sound "Wein", the result was serious. Please check the pattern with the movie by all means.

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