Move like a living slime and a poppy toy 'Magnetic Thinking Putty'

I think that there are many people who have played with clay, slime and kneading eraser when I was in elementary school, but I introduced an evolutionary form of toy, "Magnetic Thinking Putty" which can be rolled up like a stretched or torn, rolled on the wall or floor I will.

this is"Silly PuttyMagnetic particles are kneaded in a toy-like silicon polymer toy which is sold under the name of "Funny Putty" or "Thinking Putty (Thinking Putty)" and "Bouncing Putty" In addition to being able to manipulate like a snake magazine like a magnet, we slowly put down the magnet that is placed, and it shows a cute move as if it feels like as alive. It seems that not only children but also adults are caught crazy and playing.

Details are as below.Magnetic Thinking Putty: Bouncing Putty infused with magnetic properties

"Magnetic Thinking Putty" can be played by stretching, tearing and mushing like ordinary putty type toy.

With the attached magnet ......

I will run after chasing the magnet and the eunyeonyo against gravity.

Putting a lump of putty beside the magnet will bring it closer slowly as if to prey and completely envelop the magnet in a few minutes.

You can also pick up clips etc. as magnets and play. In the putty kneaded with innumerable magnetic particles, the magnetic field by each particle cancels each other, and as it is, it can not be used as a magnet, but put the magnet attached to the puttyMagnetic polarizationBy doing so, you will be able to use it as a "magnet" with N and S poles.

If you slowly apply force, it will stretch, if you pull it quickly, it breaks apart, like a hammer, if you apply a strong force in a moment it will crumble into pieces and show different behavior depending on how you add power. The dispersed putty can be gathered by magnets and united back to play again, but when crushing with a hammer, do it in a widely opened place and protect the eyes and skin.

The target age is over 9 years old. In a can of such feeling, at 13 dollars 50 cents (about 1192 yen)Vat 19.comIt is on sale.

You can see how it actually moves in the following promotion video (1 min 16 sec).
YouTube - Magnetic Thinking Putty is Crazy Awesome!

It is a wonderful introduction movie that can make laughing a little late at night TV shopping wind narration.

"Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet (Neodymium · iron · boron magnet) "It seems to be somewhat funny, but the point is that it is" super strong magnet ". By the way it is the most powerful among permanent magnets.

It is a must-see for the time lapse of the appearance of inserting zubbs and magnets.

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