"Diamonds can not be broken" Not a movie capturing the moment of pulverization with a hydraulic press machine

CarbonallotropeDiamond is known as "the hardest substance" among naturally occurring substances so far, making full use of its hardness, it is active as an excavator head and abrasive. A movie capturing the moment of how to break it when you put the diamond on a hydraulic (hydraulic) press machine has been released on YouTube.

Crushing diamond with hydraulic press - YouTube

The movie is released to the public with a movie that crushes various things with a hydraulic press machine "Hydraulic Press Channel".

The opponent of this press machine is diamond.GCAL Diamond GradingIt is with an expert opinion.

The size is 1.2 carats. It is slightly smaller than the nail of the little finger.

Set it at once ... ....

The press machine was switched on.

The tip of the press quickly approaches the diamond.

And diamonds crumbling in a moment. The staff's laughter echoes.

It looks like this when looking at the 40 times slow. The tip of the press approaches the diamond placed diagonally ... ...

Contact with diamonds. It seems that the shape of diamonds has come up.

And in the next moment I was cracking.

To pieces.

Diamond has a Mohs hardness of 10, which shows resistance to friction and abrasion,Knoop hardnessHowever, although it produces extremely high numbers, it is not "the strongest substance that can never be broken". This time it was a partner with a hydraulic press, but even if you hit with a hammer, diamonds can crush. be careful.

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