I made colorless transparent orange juice with pot type water purifier "CP 015" ~ Start of experiment ~

I tried filtering tap water for the time beingBy the way, it was able to filter smoothly, and it grasped somehow its usage and features, so it is time to go.

In the first place, how strong the "hollow fiber membrane filter" of Kurunsei is, if it is particles of 0.1 micrometer (1 / 10,000 / 1) or more, it will be red rust whether it is bacterial bacteria or not but it rapidly filters As it will be filtered, it will filter out orange juice pigment.

Is it really easy to make orange juice transparent, pot type water purifier "CP 015"The playback of the recorded movie tried with the following.
Kurunsei CP 015: Products | Klinsui Water Purifier - Mitsubishi Rayon · Kurunsei

I prepared these two, Orange Juice and Kurunsei's pot type water purifier "CP 015"

Since it is smoothly filtered if it is a thin orange juice, we will use 100% fruit juice here to ascertain whether it can be filtered seriously.

It is a 100% orange juice of the Sujata Meikou

Product version of Kurunsei pot type water purifier "CP015" Filter is opaque and can not be seen inside, so use a transparent one inside the filter for this experiment.

The left filter is a normal filter, and the right is the filter used for this experiment. The content is the same, just because there is a difference on the outside, so if you can filter the filter you can reproduce this experiment yourself.

On the top are activated carbon + ceramic

And the hollow fiber membrane filter with the lower point as the biggest point

That's why shooting settings

I put orange juice in here

While pouring, Jiroro Jiro ~

Orange juice gathers steadily and steadily

And during fierce momentum filtration

It looks like this is actually being filtered.

YouTube - While we are conducting an experiment to transparently filter orange juice at CP015

Shot in the dough. It certainly becomes transparent with such a feeling.

State of filtration experiment

Although I feel that it looks slightly orange when I look at the filter part, I do not know very much. It is certainly a tremendous power anyhow.

It is completely colorless and transparent, as if it were ordinary water

I have decided to drink this orange juice which became transparent, what kind of taste it is.

· Continued
I made a colorless transparent orange juice with a pot type water purifier "CP 015" ~ And I tried drinking ~

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