180 ml can type of "Drinking Fruche" appears in Furce

Easy dessert which can be done simply by mixing with familiar milk in CM etc"Furce"Into a 180 ml can type"Drinking Fruche"Has appeared.

In order to ascertain the difference as to how Fruche became "Drinking Fruche", this time I tried to compare the conventional Fu chee with "Drinking Fruche".

The look and taste review of "Drinking Fruche" is from the following.Drinking Fruche | Product Catalog | House Foods

This is a can type "drinking fruit".

"Please shake it more than 10 times strongly chilling and drink it."

The back side looks like this.

It means that it runs vertically.

I will move it to a glass. Although it is taut, it is not solid to that extent, but it is more liquid than yoghurt.

The color is slightly pink, and it smells a strong strawberry scent.

When you actually drink it, you can feel the texture that you made purpur surprisingly. Sweetness is not so strong, and the refreshing sourness of strawberries is well appearing. I do not feel so strong while drinking, but if you leave the can after drinking, you need to be careful as the scent of a slightly strawberry spreads in the room.

We also prepared a conventional FUCHO.

The back side looks like this.

How to make it is written. Just mix with 200 ml of milk.

I also wondered why Frcheze solidifies. Included in FruchePectinIt seems that calcium of milk reacts and causes gelling action. For this reason, it seems that Fluchee does not solidify with soymilk.

There is a pouch in the box.

I will introduce Furche to the bowl.

The stock solution is bright red. Flesh is also solidly included.

I put 200 ml of milk in there.

Stir with a spoon.

After stirring for a while, it feels like drool.

I will transfer this to a glass.

Compared to "Drinking Fruche" it is quite close to solids, and I feel a bit far from drinks.

I tried arranging two. The left is the traditional Fruche, the right is the Fruche drink.

Traditional Fruche has a feeling of texture much fairly solid compared to drinking fruche, like mouthfeel like Bavaro. Sweetness is also strong, certainly it feels like dessert.

As a result of comparison with the conventional Furche, the drinking fruche is an impression that the taste and texture are quite different from the conventional ones. It was devised to make it easier to drink as juice, and it felt like being a fruity flavored milk drink. People who felt nostalgic not having eaten Fuceche for many years may find it interesting to compare them eating this machine.

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