Nescafe with considerable suppression of sweetness "Cafe au lait a carefully selected material" tasting review

Nescafe "Cafe au lait a carefully selected material" which was released last year tried purchasing and drinking it immediately because it seems that it has moderately improved its sweetness. I just made it to taste coffee taste and milk taste well, it was a different thing from just a sweet coffee milk.

Review from below.
NESCAFE (Nescafe)> Product Lineup> Bottle Coffee> Cafe au lait with careful selection of Nescafe

The bottle looks like this.

raw materials. 210kcal with 500ml each.

There is no deposit on the bottom.

There is no decoration for the cap.

During the campaign.

I poured it into a glass.

The taste is only written as "more sweetly moderate" in the bottle, there is no sweetness that is often disgusted with coffee drinks, and it is suppressed only by the sweetness of subtle milk. There is bitterness of coffee, but it is not such a bad bitterness as milk wraps around well. The balance of coffee and milk taste is exquisite.

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