It will become like this when you pecancho the alloy "Adamantium" of Wolverine's nail that really does not exist by hydraulic press

The fictitious alloy "Adamantium" that appears in the Marvel comic is also known as the material of the nail of Wolverine, and is a material that is proud of the strength that can not be thought of in the real world. A movie you do not really understand what you are saying a bit to challenge this adamantium to pecanco with a hydraulic press "Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press"Has been released.

Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press - YouTube

"Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press" is open to the public that is known for making various things in a hydraulic press machine "Hydraulic Press Channel"is.

It is a small ball made of adamantium that Hydraulic Press Channel makes a pecancho with a hydraulic press this time. Adamantium is said to be what "a tremendously strange person" had.

I set an adamantium ball in the press machine ... ....

Switch on.

However, when I contacted adamantium, the pressing machine ceased to move with Picci. Change the pressure from 150 bar to 300 bar doubling in order to make Adamantium peppers.

When a force of 300 bars was applied, the pressing machine matched with the foundation as much as there was no gap. Is Adamantium Becoming Pecchanko ... .... .

Raise the press machine and check adamantium ... ...

Well, adamantium was stuck in the foundation. It seems that Hydraulic Press Channel is also surprisingly looking for deployment like manga.

A person named a friend of Hydraulic Press Channel appeared in the next experiment. A mysterious friend said that the nail is made of adamantium.

Adamantium of a mysterious friend is also quite solid, it does not budge at 150 bar.

However, when raised to 300 bar, Adamantium 's nail entered the foundation smoothly. Its smooth movement seems to be cutting the cake with a knife.

A mysterious friend tilts her arm forward ......

Pull out the nail with a horrible speed.

After confirming the metal foundation after experiment, it was divided into 4 beautifully. Adamantium Awesome.

So, although the promotion movie of the movie "Logan" created with the cooperation of the 20th Century Fox is its identity, it is quite elaborate, it is a perfection degree that you can feel the freshness of image expression. Perhaps in the movie the Adamantium "nail" should be a key in drawing battles of girls born as Wolverine and Wolverine clones. In Japan, it is scheduled to be released from June 1, 2017.

Movie "Logan" trailer 2, a young woman showing wonderful strength with Wolverine clone - GIGAZINE

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