Immediately after leaving for a two week trip on a cruise ship, passengers who were told that "this ship is actually undergoing repair work" are furious

Is supposed to enjoy a boat trip over the two weeks at the luxury cruise ship, the ship was to occur event of impact that "Actually in this ship repair work has been carried out" at the timing of the away from the harbor are told to passengers. The photo of the ship passengers were taken, how and where materials such as paint is piled up on the deck, and actually work state and housed to be carried out, that of the construction work throughout the voyage over the two weeks was followed by . Enraged passengers have formed a group in Facebook, tighten known the world the dire situation with a large amount of photos, looking for a full refund of the fee.

Nightmare Norwegian Cruise Was Like a Floating Construction Site

This incident is based on an American cruise company "Norway Jean Cruise LineIt happened in the cruise tour that operated. Large-sized passenger ship where over 2000 people can board the shipNorway Jean SunIt was said that the passengers who got into the plant had not been told in advance about the construction, and it seems that the ship began to witness the surprised situation since it came out to the sea.

The cruise tour was to leave Miami on March 16, 2018, arrive in Los Angeles 15 days after passing through the Panama Canal, and the cost was thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen).

The spectacle that the passengers actually saw was this. On the deck, paint and wooden pallets, brushes, cord reels and so on, everything they looked at was a thing that seemed to be only "construction site" was stuck.

The deck, which ought to have been able to take the sun descending into the Caribbean Sea, ruin it with a blindfold like this.

A mountain of construction materials is at the end of the line of sight that lies down on the bench ... ....

There are also places where unfamiliar liquids are stacked.

The deck, which should have enjoyed the cocktail while watching the trajectory remaining on the sea, is not trespassing.

Part of the pool is also not available.

It seems that the passage accessing the lifeboat was basically restrained basically.

Moreover, this situation is not "it is just having the material" but it seems that the work was actually done on the ship.

Dust seems to have occurred, and the deck is dull with white in the scattered chile. What is the situation written with "DUST" (Chile) and fingers ... ...

If you look at the surface with your fingers, this is the case.

It seems that the handrail was also dirty.

The part of the deck that became stubborn with a mysterious liquid.

Many people are relaxing on the pool side of the center balcony, but during the repair work of the floor on the floor. According to the passengers, the noise began to sound throughout the voyage and the smell like chemicals was drifting all the time.

Center balcony where half of the area was regulated

Materials stacked right next to the deck chair. Even if it goes down to the discretion, this level can not be helped even if it is blown off.

Panel written as "Bar LOS LOBOS coming soon!" It seems that even this even becomes a material to amplify anger ....

At the timing 4 days before the voyage, passengers who could not tolerate too much disaster formed a group "Panama Canal Sun" on Facebook and released the real situation in a picture. At the time of writing the article, more than 1000 members have joined the group.

Nightmare Norwegian Cruise Was Like a Floating Construction Site

According to Annie Barber who was one of the passengers, he got into the ship and entered the room, he saw a memo of "a ship's playing program in progress" was placed, and all the passengers were in charge of construction I was told that this timing was informed. But at that time, I thought, "It would not be a big problem," but it seems that the realities like a nightmare gradually became apparent.

Mr. Barber saw that the situation was that the paint was repainted in real time with the deck where the paint was peeled off. Odor drifting from the material drifted not only in the work space but also everywhere on the ship, so it seems that it was not in the situation of very "relaxing".

A spokeswoman for the Norwegian Jean Cruise Line told Newsweek, "We are always aiming to provide the best vacation experience, among which Norwegian Jean Sun has a function to provide better service to our customers "We have made maximum efforts to minimize the inconvenience that may be caused by this, but this time we have caused some inconvenience to our customers I am aware that it is "I am aware of that."

The Norwegian Jean Cruise Line will also provide 25% off coupons available to actual passengers until March 31, 2019. However, many of the passengers naturally said that it is a policy to ask for a full refund of the fee, assuming that this can not be accepted.

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