A fierce man who realized a voice-operated flamethrower using Amazon Alexa appeared

It is gradually becoming common to voice operations by linking smart speakers such as Amazon Echo with home appliances. However, if you try to link your own machine with a smart speaker, you need knowledge of software development as well as hardware development, and very high capability is required. On YouTubeColin · FirsMr. makes original invented products etccolinfurzeAccording to the movie uploaded on the channel,Amazon AlexaIt seems that you succeeded in realizing a flamethrower emitting flames when you command by voice.

Alexa Activated Fire Blaster - How To - YouTube

"I will call out the fire by voice! Wow! Wow !!" Tension is high, Mr. Firs is enthusiastic.

Mr. Fars seems to make a flamethrower using fire extinguishers picked up at the garbage dump.

Mr. Fars is trying to make a flamethrower, a fire extinguisherSolenoid valveInsert ... ...

After injecting gas into the fire extinguisher, inject gas towards the bottom. It seems that the gas ignites the fire.

Also,Amazon AlexaYouTuber's controller to work withJames BrutonHe said that he made it. However, Mr. Fars seems to understand the contents of the controller, and when Amazon Alexa turns on the flame radiator, the flame radiator injects and ignites the gas. When the fire is ignited, the sensor senses it and turns off the power after a certain period of time, it is said that consideration is taken not to accidentally cause a fire.

From here, start making flame radiators. First of all, in order to attach a solenoid valve to a fire extinguisher, install a 3/4 socket.

There is a possibility of gas leakage, so firmly weld it.

Insert 90 degree socket ......

After joining the pipe and the socket so that gas can be injected directly beneath, install a solenoid valve near the tip of the gas injection port.

The tip of the pipe heading straight downward is securely fixed in two places so as not to move.

This completes the gas pipe. Next I will create an ignition system.

Prepare the parts for mounting the gas burner.

First, mold parts and ...

I will assemble it. At this time, since the gas burner also uses the gas inside the gas pipe, install a solenoid valve.

Parts of the tip part of the gas pipe are opened beside the gas injection port through which a gas burner's fire is passed ......

After installing on the tip of the gas pipe, set the gas burner so that the fire passes through the side hole.

Set igniter near the solenoid valve of the gas burner ... ...

Connect with the gas burner.

This completes the flame radiation part. Next we will inject gas into the gas pipe and install a sensor to detect the flame.

Pierce the gas pipe and install the injection port.

Connect gas cylinder.

Make a box to contain the flame sensor with a 3D printer ......

Put the sensor in the box and attach it to the position where the fire of the burner can be detected.

Prepare a test switch to see if the flamethrower works well ... ...

Set the gas pipe and gas cylinder as the foundation.

Attach the switch to the solenoid valve and the ignition device to complete the flame radiator.

Immediately test the flame radiator properly with a manual switch.

I confirmed that a fire will come out with a good feeling.

Mr. Firth seems satisfied with the result.

Then set the flame sensor to function properly. Mr. Blue Ton will do work around the software.

Mr. Blue Ton accepts a command to turn on the power from Amazon Alexa and has programmed it so that he can operate the flame radiatorESP 8266Base ofArduinoI was preparing the board. Connect to this board, two solenoid valves, an ignition device, and a flame sensor.

After connection, ignite only gas burner.

Then the flame sensor detected the fire and began outputting the value. It seems that it works without problems.

Set the spell of "ignition" on Amazon Alexa and complete.

I will try the experiment immediately outside. Mr. Fars cried Amazon Alexa as "Give me fire now!" ...

The flamethrower reacts.

Shoot fire immediately after.

Soon the flame disappeared, the experiment was successful without becoming a fire.

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